Snap Kit will help developers bring Snapchat camera, Bitmoji to other apps

Snap Kit will help developers bring Snapchat camera, Bitmoji to other apps

Snapchat has introduced Snap Kit, to aid developers use Snapchat features across other apps, that extends support for Stories and Bitmojis.

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Snapchat has introduced Snap Kit, a tool that developers will be able to use to build products and services. (File Photo)

Snap Inc, the parent company of messaging app Snapchat, has introduced Snap Kit which is a tool that developers will be able to use to build products and services incorporating some of the company’s products. Snap Kit will offer four key features for app developers. These include Login Kit, Creative Kit, Bitmoji Kit and Story Kit.

Through Login Kit, users of Snapchat will be able to unlock features and log in faster to other apps via their Snapchat account. A user will also be able to bring their Bitmoji avatar with them to another app with this login feature if developers implement it in their app. Bitmoji Kit will let Snapchat users express themselves with Bitmoji stickers across other apps. Bitmoji is owned by Snapchat, and currently the stickers are limited to the messaging app. With developers using this kit, they will be able to integrate the Bitmoji experience into their app natively.

Creative Kit will allow developers to bring emojis, stickers and more from other apps directly into the Snapchat camera. This could also include workout states, or high scores from games. Also, Story Kit will let participating apps support the option for sharing Snapchat Stories to their platforms, and this can be based on location, time, captions and more.

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With Snap Kit, the photo-sharing app has also released its privacy policy with regard to how these apps will access user data. Snapchat says that when a user relies on these third-party apps, only their Snapchat display name and Bitmoji login is shared apps; data of their friends is not shared.

“We have never offered a product like an open social graph, and we do not share — or allow Snapchatters to share their own — friend network information with third parties,” says the company.

Additionally, if a user has not used an app that they signed into with their Snapchat account in over 90 days, Snap Kit will automatically disconnect that app. Snap also says the partnership with app developers is being launched with a small number of apps and the company is committed to “protecting users’ data and privacy.”

“We are excited to bring other apps on board — but any future third party Snap Kit app integration submitted to us will need to go through a review and approval process to make sure we know how their integration will work,” says Snap.