Prisma on iOS gets offline support; video filters coming soon

Prisma on iOS has a new update, which will make it possible to edit photos even offline.

By: Tech Desk | Published: August 24, 2016 3:13:23 pm
Prisma, Prisma iOS app, Prisma offline app, Prisma iOS offline, Prisma without internet, Prisma update, Prisma video, Prisma video filter Prisma app on iOS gets offline mode and will now work without Internet.

Prisma on iOS has a new update, which will make it possible to edit photos even offline. Prisma, the iOS and Android app, lets users convert their photos into works of art in the style of Van Gogh, Picasso, and other famous artists. However, one of the problems with Prisma app was that filters would take too much time to load, and often users would get the message: “Too many people are using Prisma, try again later.”

With the servers being utilised to apply the filters, the result was a slow and buggy app. Now with the offline feature, at least iPhone users are spared the misery of waiting for an eternity while the filter they choose gets updated. The app is still a bit slow when it comes to loading and applying the actual filter, but at least you can now use it without depending on the internet.

Prisma has also indicated in the past that it plans to bring video filter as well. In an interview to The Verge, Prisma’s team said they have “implemented neural networks right to the smartphones,” which has enabled the offline mode. The team says the freed up servers will now focus on running videos in the future. Prisma has not given any deadline on when it plans to introduce the video filters. The Android version of Prisma will also get a similar update, adds the report.

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Prisma which relies on neural networks to create these filters had gone viral in the last two months, and even Hollywood and Bollywood stars had latched onto the app. The app was recently updated to add split-screen and cropping features. The Split-screen mode applies the filter only on one half of the photo.

Prisma’s appeal lies in the fact that it is simple and intuitive app to use, with Instagram, Facebook share buttons appearing right below the edited photo. The Android version of the app was launched later, although users had complained then that it was really slow.

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