Pokémon GO: RazerGo is a new location-based chat app for players

Pokémon GO : RazerGo's location chat allows you to find trainers in your neighbourhood, and globally.

By: Tech Desk | Published: July 28, 2016 1:49:34 pm
Pokemon go, pokemon go apps, razergo, pokemon go chat app, location based chat, nintendo RazerGo is in no way related to Pokémon Co., Niantic or Nintendo, and is meant to bridge the communication gap between players.

Gaming hardware company Razer has launched RazerGo, a dedicated location-based chat app designed for Pokémon GO players. The makers claim to bridge the communication gap between the players of the game as they explore their city in the hunt for virtual monsters, and to coordinate gym conquests together. RazerGo clearly states in its disclaimer the company is in no way related to The Pokémon Co., Niantic Labs or Nintendo.

RazerGo’s location chat allows you to find trainers,  not only in your neighbourhood, but also all over the world. To chat with other players, you need to slide the distance control from Local (5 kms) to Global (1000 kms+). A user needs to sign in the RazerGo app, and choose one of the Pokemon teams to chat with. A Pokémon  team once chosen cannot be changed on the same ID, similar to the game. Once you sign in, there a two chats available – Public chat, and your team chat.

The company claims that, “Now, you can effortlessly take on team objectives, regardless of whether you want to coordinate the perfect gym conquest with your team, or issue a “surrender now, or prepare to fight” to opposing teams.”

RazerGO also has a web version to use while you sit inside your home or office, planning your next Pokémon hunt. The company promises a new feature in which a user will be able to drop a Beacon anywhere on the map, and set up a micro-chat room to rally team members for gym assaults, or to alert players of the presence of a legendary Pokémon.

There are other Pokémon GO location chat apps that are also available like GOchat, but the “login with Facebook” signup was a deal breaker for us.

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Pokémon GO is the fastest app to reach mobile game to reach 75 million installs on App Store and Google Play Store combined. Numbers showed the app is beating Tinder when it comes to install base on Android in the US and has a higher time spent than Facebook, at around 75 minutes, which is nearly double of what the social network commands.

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