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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pokémon GO comes to 15 countries in Asia, but why no India on the list?

Pokémon GO was recently launched in 15 countries across Asia and Oceania two days ago, but India was left out once again

Written by Varun Sharma | Updated: August 8, 2016 8:17:34 pm
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It has been one month since Pokémon GO was first launched in three countries. The game raked amazing reviews with the audience, and peaked the download charts of app stores on both iOS and Android. According to reports, the game crossed 100 million downloads recently, and has been doing consistently well in revenue as it expands to markets across the globe. Since its launch on July 7, the game is now available in more than 80 countries across the globe, but India is still waiting.

Pokémon GO was recently launched in 15 countries across Asia and Oceania two days ago, including Indonesia, Singapore, Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand, among others. However, the game has still not reached India stores. The lack of an official launch has not however stopped Pokémon enthusiasts in the country from downloading the game through proxy-servers and from App Stores of other countries. Pokémon GO is already running on millions of devices across India, and remains one of the most popular mobile game in the market at the moment.

Pokémon GO at its peak was making $1.6 million a day for Niantic Labs, the game’s developer, through in-app purchases of objects like Poké Balls, Lure modules, and more. The augmented reality game uses geo-locations to place Pokémon in a player’s city. A player has to walk around his/her city in an attempt to look for Pokémon to catch, Poké Stops, and Pokémon Gyms. The game lets you train your Pokémon, fight them at gyms, to become a Pokémon master like Ash Ketchum from the original anime.

The game’s popularity had also been a factor of trouble for Niantic. Pokémon GO servers have often been overwhelmed by the amount of people signing in to play that they have stopped working or crashed. Niantic has assured the game’s audience multiple times, that the company is working hard to keep the servers up and running consistently.

A recent update has left many users distraught, as their progress in the game has been reset, while others complain that the game has become much harder to play. It has been noted by some that Niantic has made Pokémon difficult to catch with the new update, making for users to waste Poké Balls on trying to capture Pokémon, and then ending up in the in-app store to purchase more. Niantic however, claims to be looking in to the matter and is hoping for a fix.

Third-party apps that helped players track Pokémon in their neighbourhood were recently banned by the game’s developers. The in-app tracking feature was recently removed with the update, adding to the woes of the players. Pokémon GO players were left disappointed again when the game’s battery saver option was also eliminated with the update, but Niantic has promised that it will be back in another update.

Pokémon GO’s developer has not revealed the reason in the delay of the game’s arrival to India or China, even the Niantic insists they wish to bring the game to over 200 countries. While it’s hard to guess any particular reason for the delayed global launch, Niantic is probably gets its servers ready as it rolls out the game to more countries. It would be reasonable to imagine that Niantic’s servers will not be able to handle the influx of new users, especially if all of China gets on board. The game has already faced server trouble in the past, even with the limited global launch.

Niantic has announced new features for the game, but it remains to be seen if they fix their server issues, and launch globally before focusing on new upgrades.

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