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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Pokémon GO: Here is how to make catching Pokémon a career, a UK based company will pay you to play Pokemon GO, training others and hosting lure parties.

By: Tech Desk | Published: August 15, 2016 10:42:04 am
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Since its launch, the Pokémon GO story has been like a roller coaster for its creator, Niantic Labs. The popularity of the original anime, and the fact that the AR game can run on existing hardware (smartphones) made sure has helped Pokémon GO cross 100 million downloads. Now it turns out, a UK based company, will help people make career out of catching Pokémons.

Have you ever played Pokémon GO and thought that this what you would love to make a living out of catching Pikachus and Squirtles? – says that yes you can. According to their website ‘ is a marketplace with thousands of the most unique experiences around Long, Singapore and Tel Aviv. Funzing came up with an alternative career option thanks to the overwhelming response of Pokémon GO on the website. has announced that it has decided to open Pokémon Master Auditions on the website. A person has to click ‘Participate’ on the website to enter a pool of candidates, out of which one will be randomly selected. The selected candidate will be contacted via email after the auditions are over on August 20. The website promises a three month payment guarantee with the job, and stresses that only those people should apply who are up to the task of catching Pokémon for a living.

The job description goes like this: Catching Pokémon, training others on a daily basis, teaching secrets and tips, hosting lure parties, walks, raves and experiences. However, this might not be the only way people have made money off of Pokémon GO. Reports suggest that Pokémon GO accounts are being sold (some even for $100) in the black market. A person can purchase an account to skip the initial grind of the game, and jump to a higher level. Selling your Pokémon GO account goes against Niantic’s terms of service and such accounts can be easily terminated.

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Pokémon GO has been launched in more than 80 countries across the world, but it is still missing from two of the largest markets in the world – India and China. Niantic Labs has not explained the delay or expressed a date for the launch of the game in both the countries.

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