Netflix Android app will let users share movies, show titles directly to Instagram Stories

Netflix Android app will let users share movies, show titles directly to Instagram Stories

Netflix has announced a new feature for its Android application which will allow the users to directly share a movie or show title to the Instagram story.

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Netflix Android app users can now share titles as their Instagram stories.

Netflix has announced that users on its Android application can share movies and shows directly to their Instagram Stories. Users can now select the title they want to share on Instagram directly from the Netflix app. The feature was exclusive to iOS users until now when Netflix launched it earlier this year.

“Sharing to Instagram Stories is now on all Android phones. You can share the Netflix shows and films you’re in love with directly from the Netflix app to your followers,” Netflix said.

Netflix users can directly add a movie or show title to their Instagram Story with the option to personalise the default art. The story will remain visible for 24 hours on the Instagram like an ordinary story, but it will have a ‘Watch on Netflix’ link that will redirect people to the title page within the Netflix app.

The story will also have the option to further add captions, stickers and more. Users can add a quiz, poll, or a GIF to the story as well. Additionally, users can also directly share the titles with their contacts on Instagram and through WhatsApp and SMS.


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Netflix believes it will help users reflect their mood after seeing a movie. “It’s all part of what we’re doing to make it fun and easy to share what you’re watching, and help your friends find something new to watch,” Netflix said.

While the feature will make it easy to share one’s thoughts about a movie or show, but it will serve as a marketing tactic for Netflix.