Mark Zuckerberg needs a voice for his AI Jarvis, and Ironman just offered to do it

Mark Zuckerberg needs a voice for his AI Jarvis, and Ironman just offered to do it

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg needs a voice for his AI Jarvis and actor Robert Downye Jr offered to do it.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is looking for a voice for his AI and Robert Downey Jr offered to do it.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had revealed in January that he’s working on building a personal home Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered assistant which will be like Jarvis in the Ironman series. Now it looks like he needs a voice for his AI Jarvis and of course, the Facebook CEO turned to Facebook for help. And guess what Robert Downey Junior, aka Ironman from the series offered his voice.

Zuckerberg wrote this on Facebook, “It’s time to give my AI Jarvis a voice. Who should I ask to do it?” The top comment was from Robert Downey Jr who wrote back, “I’ll do in a heartbeat if Bettany gets paid and donates it to a cause of Cumberbatch’s choosing…that’s the right kind of STRANGE!” Paul Bettany is the original voice of Jarvis in film series with Ironman.

Of course, other folks have also been commenting on Zuckerberg’s post. One person wrote, “Robert Downey Jr or Benedict Cumberbatch,” to which Zuckerberg replies, “Now that’s funny!”

Someone suggested “Arnold Schwarzenegger sir, he even asked you to contact him when you needed a voice…” to which the Facebook CEO replied “Great memory!”Someone also suggested “How about Paul Bettany, the voice actor for the real Jarvis?” and Zuckerberg admitted, “That’s what they’d expect us to do.” People even offered Hodor as an option, though for Zuckerberg the AI “needs a few more words than ‘Hodor’.”


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Astrophysicist and writer Neil deGrasse Tyson’s name was also on the list. Finally some loyal soul from India offered Amitabh Bachchan as an option saying he would be a good choice as “he is very famous for his vocal quality and is a big superstar in India.”

Zuckerberg had revealed the AI Jarvis is his personal challenge for 2016. He hopes the AI will help him run his home and with his work. The Facebook CEO says he will teach the AI his own voice to control pretty much everything in his house, from music to lights to temperature.