Apple iOS 9 has new features: Selfies folder, Mail mark-ups and other stuff

Apple iOS 9 has new features: Selfies folder, Mail mark-ups and other stuff

iOS 9 offers some new features like a Selfie-folder, improved Mail, Notes app and here's a quick look at some of them

iOS 9 offers a host of new features and tips: We take a quick look.
iOS 9 offers a host of new features and tips: We take a quick look.

iOS 9, the latest OS for Apple’s iPhones and iPads, is now out for users and, the new OS offers some new features for users which are worth checking out. We take a look at these.

Improved Siri: iOS 9 comes with an improved Siri. You can now interact with Siri in natural language and even ask Siri to find your photos taken at a particular date or year. Siri will now find tweets on a trending topic as well.  Siri will comes with a list of suggest apps, contacts when you swipe left from the homescreen, based on which ones you use the most. And like the Apple Watch, Siri is now much more colourful.

Proactive assistance: This is the other big change is with Proactive assistance. If you sync your mail with the iPhone, it will automatically add your upcoming meetings, hotel bookings etc to the calendar.

It will also figure out which music you play in the gym for instance and play it at that particular time, provided you are a regular, of course.

iOS 9 comes with a new selfie folder, better selection in photos as well.
iOS 9 comes with a new selfie folder, better selection in photos as well.

Additionally Spotlight now has the option of directly calling, messaging, FaceTime with a contact when you search for them.


Selfie folder: The ‘Selfie’ folder has finally arrived and it will do as the name suggests: store your selfies in one place. The big convenience with something like this is that you don’t have to keep scrolling up and down the Moments stream to find selfies. You can also see which selfies to delete, if you have multiple attempts at a similar shot.

Hide photos: Apple users now have the option of ‘hiding’ a certain photo in the Moments, Photos Stream. However all of these hidden photos go into hidden folder, so we’re not sure how this helps. To hide a photo, tap on it, tap on the Share button below and you will see an option to hide.

Improved Photo Selection: iOS 9 also offers better photo selection feature and you don’t have to tap each picture individually to select a whole bunch. Just hit select, tap and drag to use the option for a bunch of photos together.

Improvements to Mail:  Apple has made some improvements to mail. You can now just attach a photo or video directly to an email from the Mail app itself with a long press in the body of the message. Users can also save an attachment with a long press. Mark-Up feature now lets users draw over, add captions, etc to an attachment.

Low Power Mode: iOS 9 finally brings a ‘low-power mode’, a feature that has been around in Android for quite sometime now. For iPhones this is a much needed feature, given the awful battery life.

During low-power mode, automatic mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects are turned off. Apple is also promising that iOS 9 will help improve the battery life in iPhones, iPads.

Search in Settings: The ‘Settings’ app now has a search button included inside, which is a god-send because Apple’s detailed app for settings can often be a nightmare to navigate.

Ad-Blocking: iOS 9 also brings support for ad-blocking app and given that these have been present on Android forever now, this one was also much needed. Newly launched ad-blocking apps like Blockr, Crystal, etc are already climbing up the charts on the App Store.

Improved Notes: Notes has seen an improvement with the ability to add a photo inside a note. You can just long press on a part of the note, and one of the options will be insert photo. You can even share the photo from within the app or just a selected portion of the Note.

iCloud Drive: The iCloud Drive gets its own app on iOS 9 and if a user wants they can turn on the iCloud Drive app and it will appear on their homescreen.

WiFi Assist: WiFi Assist is a new feature in the iOS 9 which will let the OS switch automatically to Cellular data, when WiFi connectivity is poor or patchy. Users need to go to the bottom of the Mobile Data settings to switch this on or off.

A back button of sorts: With iOS 9, users also get a back button of sorts, which appears right on the top corner, next to where your carrier’s name is reflected. If say you are looking for something in Spotlight and you open a message, but want to go back to Spotlight, you don’t have to close the message anymore. The ‘Back to Search’ option will be available right on top.

Additionally if say you are browsing on Facebook and a WhatsApp message appears, you can reply to that and then just tap on Back to Facebook.


Apple iOS 9 also has a new transit feature for step-by-step direction in Apple Maps, but this is not applicable to India. There’s a News app as well which has not been rolled out everywhere.