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Monday, June 01, 2020

Facebook Global Government Requests Report: Restricted access to 5,832 pieces of content in India

There were a total of 5,473 requests for data which was provided in 44.69% of the cases.

By: Tech Desk Written by Nandagopal Rajan | Updated: March 17, 2015 8:41:27 am
facebook, Global Government Requests Report Facebook releases the Global Government Requests Report every six months

Facebook on Monday released its Global Government Requests Report for the second half of 2014, underlining the “increase in data requests from certain governments such as India”.  In fact, India tops the lists of countries demanding restriction on content with 5,832 pieces of content restricted.

The report includes information about the government requests received for content removal and account data as well as national security requests under the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and through National Security Letters.

“Overall, we continue to see an increase in government requests for data and content restrictions. The amount of content restricted for violating local law increased by 11% over the previous half, to 9,707 pieces of content restricted, up from 8,774. We saw a rise in content restriction requests from countries like Turkey and Russia, and declines in places like Pakistan,” said the post by Monika Bickert, Head of Global Policy Management, and Chris Sonderby, Deputy General Counsel.

“The number of government requests for account data remained relatively flat, with a slight increase to 35,051 from 34,946. There was an increase in data requests from certain governments such as India, and decline in requests from countries such as the United States and Germany,” the post added.

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Data shows that Facebook restricted access in India to 5,832 pieces of content. There were a total of 5,473 requests for data which was provided in 44.69% of the cases.

“We publish this information because we want people to know the extent and nature of the requests we receive from governments and the policies we have in place to process them,” the post said.

“Moving forward, we will continue to scrutinize each government request and push back when we find deficiencies. We will also continue to push governments around the world to reform their surveillance practices in a way that maintains the safety and security of their people while ensuring their rights and freedoms are protected.”

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