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Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav takes a dig at Zomato CEO in Reddit AMA

Rahul Yadav conducted a Reddit AMA on Tuesday and answered questions quite candidly

Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav during the Reddit AMA (Source: Imgur)
Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav during the Reddit AMA (Source: Imgur)

Rahul Yadav, the 26-year-old CEO of Housing.com who has been in the news lately for both the right and wrong reasons, conducted a Reddit AMA (ask-me-anything) on Tuesday in which he took a dig at Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal.

Responding to a user about what he thought about the Zomato CEO, Rahul says, “A company scanning menus from last 7 years and doing no innovation. And the CEO says ‘Aww. So cute.'”


Rahul also confirmed that he asked both Bhavish Aggarwal (Ola Cabs) and Deepinder Goyal (Zomato) to allot half of their shares to employees.

“Success of a venture is a team work. Although all startups give ESOPs to their employees but the problem is it’s not PROPORTIONAL to the value creation. Value is being created at x rate and is being given to the employees at y rate. x not being equal/proportional to y is the real issue. So these two names came up in my mind and I just nominated them,” he wrote.


Days after he wrote a scathing resignation letter to his investors (and then taking it back in a dramatic fashion), Rahul earlier this week took everyone by surprise by giving away personal equity worth Rs 200 crore to 2,251 employees at Housing.com. Even though he did not talk about his resignation quite candidly during the AMA, he admitted that his actions have been distracting for his employees.

“Yes, it is distracting. But it’s actually fun if it’s there only for a few weeks. Beyond that, it’s really distracting and does not help,” he wrote.

He added that ‘boundaries between emails and chats are fading’ and that he sees the merging of ‘professional diplomacy and frank conversations.’

Rahul also explained the idea behind Housing.com’s tagline ‘Look Up.’

“Because when you Look Up you only see people who are ahead of you in terms of greatness and achievements. No matter how much you have achieved in your life, the moment you Look Up, everything gets reset and you find yourself again at level 0. To Look Up means to always keep chasing the best! To Look Up means to always keep asking ‘What’s next’. To Look Up means getting ready for the action. To Look up means to never settle,” he wrote.

On the fun side, here are a couple of things that were revealing from the Reddit AMA.

Responding to a frivolous user question about whether he ever watched ‘Chhota Bheem’ (an animated television series of a Hindu mythological character), Rahul wrote, “Bhai pichle 11 saal se TV nahi dekha hai.” (Brother, I have not watched TV for the past 11 years.)

When a user asked him whether he preferred Indica or Sativa (apparently, two strains of marijuana), Rahul says he is a big fan of butter milk. One user gave him a thumbs up, saying, “So you’re the bhaang kind of guy! Sahi baat hai Yadavji!”

We also got to know that Rahul is not a crorepati anymore, that he drives a rented car and that he has never read any books in his entire life (except of course his text books.)