Google’s text adventure game: Here’s how to find and play

Google’s text adventure game: Here’s how to find and play

There's a new Google text adventure you can play to beat some of the boredom. Here's how to find and play Google's secret adventure game

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Google’s secret text adventure game discovered: Here’s how to find and play

There’s a new Google text adventure you can play to beat the boredom. Google is known for hidden Easter eggs inside products, and the latest is a text adventure game inside The game was first highlighted by the website RockPaperShotgun. The game can be easily found by anyone who knows the secret method for this.

The text adventure game from Google can be found inside the Google Chrome browser. It also works on Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browser. It looks like Apple’s Safari browser does not support this. So how can you find the Google text adventure game?

Once you have opened the Google Chrome browser or Firefox or Edge, just search for the term ‘text adventure’ on Google. A list of results will pop-up, but you need to right click and go on the option for Inspect. In Windows, users can rely on Ctrl + Shift + I for the Inspect feature to open up. On Mac, the quick command for this is Command + Option + I.

A menu of text will pop-up and you need to choose the Console tab in that view in the Inspect segment. Then you will see a note asking “Would you like to play a game?” You have the option of typing yes or no. Once you type Yes, you will be part of the game, where you have to explore the company’s Google campus, and try to find the rest of the letters in the Google logo.


When the game starts, you are the letter ‘G’ and as you advance in the levels, you will find the other letters. This is a text-based game, and you can move around the campus by typing north, south, east or west. There are obstacles in the path as well like a wall, unsolved parts. The game will show you the position of the G character and you can keep moving it around as needed.

The text adventure game also gives hints on possible exits and paths you can take. The game by itself seems complicated, but it is addictive and once you start moving the character around, it gets easier to understand. For those who like puzzles, you might find yourself addicted pretty soon. And if not, well there’s always the dinosaur game on the Chrome browser.