Google Search app’s update brings in ‘Feed’, ‘Upcoming’ tabs

Google's new app update will bring two new categories of information cards - 'Upcoming' and 'Feed'

By: Tech Desk | Published: December 7, 2016 5:23:33 pm
 Google, Google app update, google cards, google app for android, google app for iOS, google upcoming tab, google feed tab, how to customise google feed in app, technology, technology news Starting today, in the Google app on Android (and coming soon to iOS), your cards will be organised into two sections – Upcoming and Feed

Google has rolled out a new update for its mobile app for iOS and Android that does away with the traditional Google Now cards in favour of two new categories – current topics and upcoming topics. Google app cards are designed to keep users updated on things they care about, like scores, package delivery tracking and more.

“Starting today, in the Google app on Android (and coming soon to iOS), your cards will be organised into two sections: a feed that keeps you current on your interests like sports, news and entertainment, and a section of your upcoming personal info, like flights, appointments and more,” Google said in a blog post on Tuesday.

As it clearly states, the new app update will bring two different tabs; one called ‘Feed’ that will list a user’s general interests items like weather, news and more. The other tab called ‘Upcoming’ will show a more personalised set of information like upcoming events, purchase orders, package delivery and more.


Google will also let your prioritise your cards according to what it thinks are the most important topics. A user can swipe the card away if they have no interest in a topic featuring in the feed, or after an event has passed.

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For users in US, the app will let you select the topics of your interest to show in the feed. This feature will be rolling out to other markets soon according to the blog. The more access you give to Google, the more helpful the app will become for you.

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