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Friday, July 20, 2018

Google Now on Tap to bring instant translation across Android

Google Now on Tap will now support instant translation across the Android OS, as well search for barcodes.

By: Tech Desk | Published: July 7, 2016 12:07:58 pm
Google, Google Now on Tap, Google Now on Tap Translate feature, Google Now on Tap switch on, Now on Tap Translation, Now on Tap Discover Google Now on Tap now supports Translation feature across Android OS.

Google Now on Tap will now support instant translation across the Android OS, confirms a new blogpost by the company.

Google Now on Tap is a feature in Android M which lets users find details about a place, movie, etc by pressing the home button.

Now Google is adding a new feature to let users “translate text on any page, and discover more about the things that interest them, as well as scan products by using QR codes and bar codes in Search by Image”.

The new Google Now on Tap update will users “translate text on any screen, whether it’s an app or webpage.” Users just need to long press the home button and then tap on “Translate this screen,” option.

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As Google points out this will be beneficial when you’re using Google Maps in a foreign country and the name of a location comes in a different language.

Google Tap to Translate was earlier added to Android in May this year. The feature works for all 103 languages supported by the Translate app, and is supported on Android smartphones running Jellybean (4.2) and above. Users need to install the Google Translate app on their smartphone to experience the feature.

Now Google is taking this translate integration a step further by adding it to Android M’s Now on Tap feature. The translate feature is available for phones with language set to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Now on Tap also gets a “Discover” icon, which will display a stream of visual content related to what’s on your screen. Google’s blogpost notes, “For example, if you’re reading an article about Pluto and are interested in learning about NASA, discover mode will show you a stream of links to YouTube videos, news articles and more.”

Users will also be able to search images by barcodes and QR codes via Now on Tap.

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