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‘Learn with Google AI’ is a Machine Learning course, which is free and open to all

Google's "Learn with Google AI" course will bring machine learning skills and concepts to all users. The course is free and available to all. Here's how those interested an register for Google's Machine Learning Course online.

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Google’s “Learn with Google AI” is a new course introduced by the company, which will bring machine learning skills and concepts to all users who sign up. The course is free and available to all who are interested. Google says the set of educational resources in this course have been developed by machine learning experts at the company. Google says the idea with this machine learning course is to encourage people to learn about machine learning concepts, develop skills in the area, and apply artificial intelligence to real-world problems.

The new Machine Learning Crash Course will give a quick introduction to practical ML concepts using high-level TensorFlow (TF) APIs. TensorFlow is Google’s open source library for machine learning tools and can be accessed by anyone to build AI, ML frameworks suited to their problems. Machine Learning allows computers to learn, understand and recognise the data, without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine Learning is the building block for artificial intelligence and is what powers self-driving cars, image recognition, etc. Google products like Google Photos, Google Translate, Google Assistant, etc all rely on an aspect of machine learning to carry out some tasks.

Users will be able to learn about key ML algorithms and frameworks from Google’s new course. The course is structured in a way where it will also include videos from ML experts at Google, interactive visualizations illustrating ML concepts and coding exercises using TensorFlow APIs, says the company.

“We believe it’s important that the development of AI reflects as diverse a range of human perspectives and needs as possible. So, Google AI is making it easier for everyone to learn ML by providing a huge range of free, in-depth educational content. This is for everyone — from deep ML experts looking for advanced developer tutorials and materials, to curious people who are ready to try to learn what ML is in the first place,” Zuri Kemp, Program Manager for Google’s machine learning education said in a press statement.

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How to enroll for Google Machine Learning course? What are the requirements?

Those who are interested can access the Google Machine Learning course at  While the course is free for all, there are some pre-requisites before taking up an understanding of how to code for machine learning. Google’s course page says a mastery of introductory level of algebra is a must for those who wish to sign up for this course. This includes understanding of variables and coefficients, linear equations, graphs of functions, and histograms. Also familiarity with advanced math concepts such as logarithms and derivatives will be helpful, though it is not compulsory.

Additionally a knowledge of programming basics, and some experience coding in Python are also required. Google says those enrolling should be comfortable reading and writing Python code since the exercises in the course in the same programming language. The course will have lectures from Google’s AI experts, along with exercises and access to some material as well.

The Google course on Machine Learning was originally built for the company’s own employees and so far over 18,000 employees in the company have enrolled in this MLCC course. Google says that seeing the program’s success in-house is what inspired them to make it available to everyone.

First published on: 05-03-2018 at 17:00 IST
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