Five HARDEST Android smartphone games you must try

Five HARDEST Android smartphone games you must try

Here are five toughest Android games for your smartphone available for free.

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Here are five toughest Android games for your smartphone available for free.

Some may say mobile games are meant for children or novice gamers. While some games may be just that, there are a few rage-quit games which are diabolically designed to puzzle you, baffle you and leave you cursing before you try again. Here is our pick of the toughest games for your smartphone. They are free, just make sure you don’t break the phone in a fit of rage.


1)  Syobon Action/Cat Mario/Neko Mario

Developers: Feurigel

Size: 1.9 MB

Download here

Leave it to the Japanese to design a game which is impossible to finish. We don’t know what the developers were thinking when they came up with Syobon. It is a parody of the Nintendo classic, Super Mario, only here, Mario is replaced by a cat (who you will soon start hating once you play the game) and the levels are riddled with hard (read: evil) hurdles and hidden traps.

Dont judge Syobon by the minuscule game size. The levels are so hard and the deadly traps spring up so unexpectedly that you will die even before you realize what hit you.

Picture this: you are running on a flat platform. There is a trap laid in front of you. Your instinct would guide you to jump over it. Once you do, spikes appear mid-air out of nowhere and you have to start again. Syobon Action is just that crazy!


2) Swing Copters

Developer: .Gears Studios

Size: 3.4 MB

Download here


Remember Flappy Bird? Well, the same developers have come up with another rage-quit game and it doesn’t fail to deliver.

You control a little creature with copter blades on its head. All you need to do is tap and change its direction as it fly upwards, dodging barriers and swinging hammers.

Truth be told, the highest score we could muster is 16 and it wasn’t easy. The little copter critter seems to develop a mind of its own as it starts to move by its own accord and no matter how fast or how precisely you tap, you will end up crashing.

So go ahead, try Swing Copters and let us know if you beat our high score.


3) Dumb ways to die

Developers: Metro Trains

Size: 40 MB

Download here

Dumb Ways To Die (DWTD) left us confused. We were wondering if we should sigh over the endearing cuteness of each character in the game or should we shout at them for dying so horridly (and instantly) once you miss a particular tap or fail to complete the level before the timer runs out.

DWTD is developed by Melbourne Metro Trains, in order to promote safety around trains and in everyday lives. There are a number of hilarious ways you can die in DWTD. You can burn your hair, get eaten alive by piranhas, get stung by bees, crash a plane, electrocuted, poisoned or simply blown up. And these are just for starters.

DWTD is inspired by the Webby and Cannes award-winning safety promotional video of the same name. The music is catchy and you will keep on humming even when you are not playing the game. The music also plays an important role in the game. As the level of difficulty increases, so does the theme’s tempo, automatically inducing a sense of urgency and thrill in the gamer.

DWTD is one of those games which you won’t easily delete from your phone. It is also one of those games you would happily offer your friends to play, only to watch them fumble and fail. After all, who wants to fail alone. Right?

If you get bored with DWTD there is a sequel as well, which is just as much fun and just as hard to beat.


4) Dawn of the Sniper

Developer: Brutal Studio

Size: 21 MB

Download here

Dawn of the Sniper (DOTS) combines two fail-safe gaming genres – Aim-n-shoot and Zombies. As a gifted sniper in a post-apocalyptic world, you need to protect the surviving humans from endless hordes of zombies.

Although the setting is cliched, DOTS score high on the game design and treatment. Your mobile screen turns into a rifle scope and all you can see are the silhouettes of crawling zombies and you need to take headshots, one after another to clear levels.

The game is a lot harder than you run-of-the-mill shooters. You will get a limited round of ammo and only headshots count. The zombie hordes often gets too heavy to handle, especially for amateur gamers. This is one game that pushes you to try harder every time.

DOTS is a satisfying shooter, designed to challenge you time and again, which is something a hardcore gamer would surely appreciate.


5) Mind The Arrow: Match The Dots

Developer: Thumbspire

Size: 24 MB

Download here

This one is sure to leave even the seasoned puzzle player perplexed.

Mind The Arrow starts off as just another innocent arcade puzzle. All you need to do is to tap the dots around the arrow appearing on screen, matching it with the one appearing above.

Child’s play, you would say. However, once you clear levels, the referral arrow given above starts to spin, easily getting you disoriented as you try to figure out the right dots to tap. Add to that a time constraint that gets stricter by the second and you have one of the hardest puzzles available on the app store.


Mind The Arrow is an open challenge to all arcade lovers out there. So, install the game and start tapping and try not to get dizzy.