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Facebook removes ‘Edited’ label for posts: Here’s what it means

Facebook's 'Edited' label will no longer appear next to the time stamp, even if you've altered the text of your post.

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Facebook’s on-post ‘Edited’ label used to appear next to the time stamp, if you’ve edited or changed the text of your post.

Facebook has made it easier for users to hide the fact that they’ve edited a post, by removing the on-post ‘Edited’ label. However, the edit history will still be visible via a drop down menu next to the post. Facebook’s on-post ‘Edited’ label would appear next to the time stamp, in cases where a user edited or changed the text of their post. It looks like Facebook is now doing away with the label.

The change was first spotted by Mashable and the site noted, “In most cases, this type of editing isn’t a big deal, but the move to hide post edit labels takes away one of the few features that provided any transparency for our online behavior.”

Basically as the Mashable posts points out, Facebook made it a little harder for people to notice mistakes or problems in your posts. What it also means is that in case of news organisations, or even popular Facebook pages, there’s now the option of editing a post, which might contain an error or something insensitive, without drawing too much attention.

Mashable quotes a Facebook representative who said the different editing system was introduced a year ago. However, it took some time for the change to start reflecting for users across the board. Facebook has removed ‘Edited’ label for posts, but it will still appear in case of edited comments. This means you can’t get away with editing your comment on a friend’s wall and not letting others know about it.


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While the upfront ‘Edited’ label is removed, remember your friends can still go through the changes you’ve made to a post step-by-step by clicking on the ‘View History’ option from drop down menu. Except the lack of an edited label means it will be hard to figure out which posts are tweaked.

The ability to edit posts has been anticipated for other social media platforms as well, including Twitter. Last month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in a tweet, “This is our most requested feature (today & always). Mostly to quickly fix mistakes. Anything beyond would need to show revision history.”

However, the problem with introducing editing for posts on Twitter is that the site is mainly used for news consumption, and the feature might lead to people tweeting out irresponsibly and editing out the mistakes later on. Of course, screenshots for shaming those who make Twitter gaffes will always remain an option.