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Facebook modifies two-factor authentication; adds support for third-party apps

Facebook has updated its two-factor authentication system, to now allow login via third-party apps like Google Authenticator or Duo Security.

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Facebook has modified its two-factor authentication system to support third-party apps as well.

Facebook has modified its two-factor authentication system. The social network confirmed in a blog post that the updated authentication process will also allow users to use third-party apps to secure login via desktop or mobile.

As per the blog post, Facebook’s new two-factor authentication system will offer a more streamlined setup method through the process. Facebook users will not have to solely rely on their mobile numbers to set up two-factor authentication. Under the latest system, users can consider registering through Google Authenticator and Duo Security, among other third-party apps, for authentication.

Users who are yet to enable two-factor authentication for Facebook can consider going to Settings>Security and Login.

Two-factor authentication is a standard practice among apps and internet services to generate an added layer of security for users. Facebook’s earlier two-factor authentication process would require users to get a verification code via a call/SMS to the mobile number registered with their account. Using third-party apps for authentication would provide greater transparency to users, when they access Facebook across devices. At the same time, it would also reduce the dependence on other methods such as the Facebook Code Generator.

Google Authenticator is among the most popular third-party apps used for added security across mobile apps. Available on mobile for Android and iOS, Google Authenticator relies on time-based One-time Password Algorithm and HMAC-based One-time Password Algorithm, across accounts registered with it. Facebook’s updated two-factor authentication system can be seen as another bid by the social network to check on fake accounts, and provide privacy for user data.