Facebook Messenger Data Saver mode: Here’s how it works

Facebook Messenger's Data Saver mode has started rolling out to users in India as well. Here's how it works.

By: Tech Desk | Published: October 19, 2016 5:03:36 pm
Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Messenger app, Facebook Messenger data saver, Facebook Messenger data saver option, Data saver in Messenger, Data saving option, Facebook, technology, technology news Facebook Messenger’s Data Saver option has started rolling out to Android phones in India.

Facebook Messenger’s Data Saver mode has started rolling out to users in India as well. We spotted the new setting on the app in the latest Google Pixel smartphone and an older Samsung device running Android 5.1. The setting was not available on an iOS version of the app.

Facebook Messenger’s data saver mode is also being tested on the Android beta version of the app, according to an earlier report. But now it looks like Facebook has started rolling out the feature to regular app users as well. Users have the option of toggling on/off the data saver mode in the settings. Facebook Messenger will also show much data it has saved per session. You can also reset this data count, depending on your needs.

When you enable the data saver mode, Facebook Messenger will apply this to image and video downloads on the app in order to ensure you don’t use up all you data. Currently, the regular Facebook Messenger app downloads all content, irrespective of the size by default. In the data saver, video and images burden will be shifted to a WiFi-only connection.

A data-saver mode on Facebook Messenger makes a lot of sense, especially in a market like India where network connectivity is still an issue for most users, even those with 3G/4G connections. Facebook Messenger has close to 1 billion users already, and the social media site has been getting users to move to the app.

With more users expected to come on board  on Facebook in developing markets like India, a data saver option is a must and will appeal to many.

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Facebook Messenger also got a new ‘Secret Conversations’ feature recently, which allows for end-to-end encrypted chats. Messages in this Secret Conversation mode self-destruct after sometime. This is more like Telegram’s Secret chat option, unlike WhatsApp which has end-to-end encryption across the app by default.

Another new feature that Facebook is experimenting with is suggesting topics for conversations between friends on Messenger. It remains to be seen if that feature gets rolled out to all users.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve got the data saver option in your Facebook Messenger app.

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