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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testimony Day 2 HIGHLIGHTS: Here’s what happened

Mark Zuckerberg testimony to US Congress day 2 HIGHLIGHTS: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Senate Committee of Energy and Commerce in Capitol Hill today.

By: Tech Desk | New Delhi |
Updated: April 12, 2018 8:42:49 am
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testimony to US Congress day 2 LIVE UPDATES: Mark Zuckerberg testimony to US Congress day 2 HIGHLIGHTS: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg arrives to testify before a Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees joint hearing on Tuesday. (Reuters)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continued his testimony to the US Congress on the second day of the hearing over the Cambridge Analytica data leaks scandal. The Facebook CEO emphasised that the company does not sell data. He admitted that his personal data was harvested by Cambridge Analytica as well. Zuckerberg also clarified that the onus of opting-in to privacy settings on Facebook lies with the user. “Users can choose to leave Facebook if they want. They can delete their Facebook data when they want to,” he added. The hearing comes in the wake of allegations that British firm Cambridge Analytica accessed Facebook data of nearly 87 million users to help influence the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Elections as well as the Pro-Brexit campaign in the UK.

On day 1, the Facebook CEO took responsibility for the leaks and answered questions ranging from whether the platform will have a paid version for users who do not want their personal information to be shared improperly to measures the company is taking to ensure fake news does not spread on its platform during elections in several countries, including India in 2018.

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During his testimony before a joint hearing of the US Senate’s Commerce and Judiciary committee, Zuckerberg admitted the company did not do enough to prevent its user data being accessed. Zuckerberg will be testifying before the Committee of Energy and Commerce today and the hearing will at start at 10 AM ET, which is around 7.30 PM in India.

Mark Zuckerberg testimony to US Congress Day 2 LIVE UPDATES

Live Blog

Below are LIVE UPDATES from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Day-2 testimony to US Congress

00:46 (IST)12 Apr 2018
It's a wrap!

Zuckerberg says he is committed to being more "pro-active."

That's the end of two days of Mark Zuckerberg testimony. Thanks for joining us for our live coverage.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing in Washington. (Source: REUTERS)

00:27 (IST)12 Apr 2018
As Facebook CEO you didn’t know some key facts: Michigan Democrat Debbie Dingell

Michigan Democrat, Debbie Dingell grills Zuckerberg: "As CEO you didn’t know some key facts. You didn’t know about key court cases regarding privacy and your company. You don't even know all kind of information Facebook is collecting from its users."

Dingell asks how many 'like' buttons are there in non-Facebook pages?

I don't know the answer to that, says Zuckerberg.

Dingell continues, How many 'share' buttons are there in non-Facebook pages?

I don't know the answer to that, we can follow up and get back to you, says Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg gets 72 hours for his response.

23:56 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Facebook's role in fighting terrorism

Commenting on Republican Susan Brooks question on ISIS and other terrorist organizations using Facebook for recruitment purpose, Mark Zuckerberg says, "terrorist content propaganda has no place in" Facebook's network. Zuckerberg says that Facebook has developed tools, that identifies such content and takes it down even before being flagged by someone.

23:06 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Did Facebook buy data from data brokers?

Zuckerberg said they did do this in the past, but have announced the practice will be shut down. 

22:52 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Is Facebook listening to users' phone calls?

The question of whether Facebook is listening to user calls is back. "We only use the microphone when a user is recording video. We do not have anything to listen to what is in the background," says Zuckerberg.  

22:49 (IST)11 Apr 2018
The question of Facebook having the ability to delete, rescind messages

"Yes we do have a policy where we can delete, rescind emails after sometime," says Zuckerberg. Anything with a legal value is not deleted, he indicates. 

22:43 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Facebook CEO is now asked about FaceMash

"What was FaceMash and is it still running." Zuckerberg says it was a joke website and that it did come up around the time of Facebook in 2003. Zuckerberg says he took it down. For those who do not know, FaceMash allowed users to put pictures of two women next to each other and then compare them.  

22:39 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Facebook: Can it exist without collecting and selling user data?

Zuckerberg again clarifies they do not sell user data. 'The whole point of the service is to share things around you,' he adds. "Is it possible to be in business without collecting the data," asks the Congressman. "It would not be possible for our services to exist, without having the option for users to put in the content and then sharing, " says the Facebook CEO.  

22:23 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Why should users trust Facebook again?

The trust that Facebook users has been shattered, says Congressman Paul Tonko. "Why should we trust Facebook again." People are asking that these data breaches cause more and more harm. What liability should Facebook have when user data is mishandled? "We are responsible for the data for sure," says Mark Zuckerberg. He says they made significant changes in 2014, which would have made Cambridge Analytica impossible. He says he wishes they had made the changes earlier.  

22:11 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Data of 2 billion users being scrapped

Facebook CEO is being questioned over the Search feature, which was used to scrape user data of nearly all of its 2 billion users.  Zuckerberg is being questioned on why Facebook did nothing for so long on this issue, especially when it was revealed as early as 2013.  Facebook CEO is also questioned on shadow profiles of users who are not on Facebook. 

22:09 (IST)11 Apr 2018
The question of fake accounts is now being discussed

Mark Zuckerberg is talking about how they plan to control fake accounts, especially where pictures of other users are used. Long term solution, he says, to build more AI tools which can find patterns that no human would be able to do. Zuckerberg says that's an area where they will be able to develop more AI tools for the same. 

22:07 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Facebook is asked about what data they make available to Russian agencies, govt

'If we have knowledge of imminent harm, we try and reach out to local law enforcement agencies to make sure no harm takes place. That's most well-built in the US, than in other countries. The second category is general legal processes. We are not in the business of providing information to Russian govt and agencies,' says Mark Zuckerberg. "We do not store data in Russia." 

22:04 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Privacy Regulation question comes up again

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says they will work with the Committee to help such a privacy regulation. 

22:01 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Questions around Opioids being sold on Facebook

Zuckerberg facing some tough questions on opioids being sold via the platform.  He is facing questions on why Facebook has not taken actions those selling opioids on the platform. "You said we were going to take down those ads. You didn't do it," says David McKinley. "I agree this is a terrible issue. But when there are 10 of billions of content being shared every day, even 20,000 people are not enough," says Zuckerberg.  

21:52 (IST)11 Apr 2018
No amount of people we hire will be enough to flag content

Facebook CEO says no amount of people they will hire will be enough to flag offensive content. He talks about AI bots which can help flag terrorist content quickly, way before a human editor can do it. 

21:51 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Facebook being questioned over its 2012 experiment where it limited positive and negative posts for some users

Zuckerberg is asked to explain this experiement that took place in 2012. "At the time, there were a number of questions, whether people seeing positive or negative content on social network was affecting their mood. We felt we had a responsiblity to know if we can have that affect. We didn't want to have that affect." says Zuckerberg.  

21:45 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Did Facebook offer support for Clinton and Trump campaigns?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being questioned on whether the company provided support to Clinton and Trump campaigns. He is also being questioned on whether more of Trump's ads were approved compared to the Clinton campaign. 

21:37 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Collecting information on users who do not even have a Facebook account?

The questions to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Is Facebook collecting data on those users who do not even have a account? I don't think the average American understands that? You can track people's searches, what people buy online? Zuckerberg is struggling here. The Congresswoman Kathy Castor is going hard with the questions on whether Facebook is gathering data. "I disagreee with that characterisation," says Mark Zuckerberg.  

21:33 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Additional breaches on Facebook: We got the balance wrong, says Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg is told about COO Sheryl Sandberg's statement that there could be other data breaches. Zuckerberg admits they did get it wrong. "We were trying to balance data portability and we needed to make sure that everyone's data is protected. We did not get the balance right, " says Zuckerberg. 

21:11 (IST)11 Apr 2018
Facebook: Did Obama campaign also gain access to user data?

The Facebook CEO is being questioned on whether Obama campaign was helped in 2012 similar to how Cambridge Analytica got the data.  Zuckerberg is again explaining how apps worked on the platform. 'We know now that we should have had a more restrictive platform,' admits the Facebook CEO. 

In opening remarks of two days of Congressional hearings, the Facebook CEO said that the going forward, the company will take a more “proactive position” on deletion of “improperly” transferred data. He also accepted that it was a mistake that they believed Cambridge Analytica and added that Facebook supports regulation of tech companies.

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On Tuesday, Zuckerberg said his company is “working with” special counsel Robert Mueller in the probe of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential campaign. He also apologised for Facebook failing to better protect the personal information of its 2 billion-odd users. Whatever he said seemed to have worked as Facebook shares surged 4.5 per cent for the day, the biggest gain in two years.

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