Exploride aims to turn any car into a smart car with its transparent hands-free display

Exploride is a transparent heads-up display that offers distraction free access to car dashboard and mobile notifications

Written by Shaju Philip | Thiruvananthapuram | Updated: October 7, 2015 6:43:49 pm
Exploride, Exploride heads-up display, Exploride hands free display, GPS, LTE, Google Maps supported, Exploride transparent display, indiegogo, startup, tech news, technology Exploride is a hands-free display device for cars that combines music and GPS system into a transparent, distraction free view (Source: Indiegogo)

A hands-free display device for cars to combine music and GPS system, developed by a startup firm incubated at Kochi Startup Village, has raised half a million US dollars from pre-orders within 40 days of its launch.

The startup firm Exploride Inc has received more than 1,800 pre-orders from 50 countries for the futuristic product that combines display and gesture-recognition technology to provide hands-free access to maps, calls, texts, notifications, music and the onboard diagnostics of a car.

“Raising a whopping $512,718 in 40 days for a startup is a feat achieved by no other company in India. We are so excited about the global response which validates our product,” said Sunil Vallath, Founder and CEO, Exploride.

Vallath said got the idea of developing such a product, named Exploride Heads-up Display, because of an accident in which his wife was involved, partly due to the use of smart phone. “It prompted me to create a product that would reduce these distractions and keep the occupants of a car safe. Thus, came Exploride, which aims at reducing distractions while driving—without looking away or losing focus on road,” he said.

The Exploride Heads-up Display has received orders from most parts of the globe, but the biggest pre-orders, priced at 299 dollars apiece, are from the US. The cutting edge small and portable product sits on the dashboard of cars and provides a safer and smarter navigation advice.

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“Your car’s infotainment system, instrument cluster, navigation system, and your smart phone—all these compete for your attention while you drive. Exploride puts all of them in one place, on a transparent display, so that you won’t have to take your eyes off the road,” he said.

The utility-packed device has GPS, LTE (a 4G mobile communications standard ten times faster than 3G) and Google maps that direct the driver through the best route, removing the need for a smart phone. It also has voice activated navigation that reminds the driver to take direction every time.

Further, one can take phone calls or decline them, raise or lower the volume and cancel the noise with simple hand gestures. Not only that, the device shows speed, tyre pressure, fuel and other engine stats. Further, apps like Apple Music, Twitter and Facebook are inbuilt in the device that also provides news and information about the weather. To top it all, its dash-cam records your driving street video which can be helpful in claiming insurance.

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