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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ericsson’s consumers trends for 2016: Video-streaming, internal sensors and more

More video streaming, merging of the virtual and real, higher video-streaming are some of the top consumer technology trends being predicted for 2016 by Ericsson.

By: Tech Desk | Published: December 10, 2015 3:02:57 pm
Ericsson Report, Ericsson Report 2016, Ericsson Consumer Trends, Virtual Reality, Aritifical Intelligence, Consumer tech trends, trends in technology, technology news Here’s a look top 10 consumers trends for 2016 by Ericsson report.

More video streaming, merging of the virtual and real, internal body sensors are some of the top consumer technology trends being predicted for 2016 by Ericsson.

In its annual trend report, Ericsson Consumer Lab says that eight out of 10 consumers would like to use technology to enhance their vision, memory and hearing. Consumers will also want smarter Artificial Intelligence interfaces.

“Some of these trends may seem futuristic. But consumer interest in new interaction paradigms such as AI and virtual reality (VR), as well as in embedding the internet in the walls of homes or even in our bodies, is quite strong,” says Michael Björn, Head of Research, Ericsson ConsumerLab in a press statement.

Here’s a quick look at the top trends for 2016 and beyond by Ericsson.

The Lifestyle Network Effect: According to Ericsson’s report, “four out of five people now experience an effect where the benefits gained from online services increases as more people use them.”

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Streaming Natives: Teens spend more time on YouTube with 46 percent of 16-19 year-olds spending more than an hour on the site each day.

Artificial Intelligence: Ericsson’s report says that “artificial intelligence will enable interaction with objects without the need for a smartphone screen.” It adds that 50 per cent of smartphone users think that the device will be forgotten within the next five years.

Virtual Reality: According to Ericsson, “consumers want virtual technology for everyday activities such as watching sports and making video calls”.

Sensors in Homes: 55 per cent of smartphone owners feel that homes should have sensors that monitor mold, leakage and electricity issues, says the report.

Smart Commuters: According to the 2016 prediction, 86 percent commuters would use personalised commuting services if they were available, in order to save time.

Emergency Chat: The report points that ‘social networks’ might be preferred source for contacting emergency help for many consumers. The need for a disaster information app is also there.

Sensors inside the body: “Internal sensors that measure well-being in our bodies may become the new wearables,” says the report.

Cyber-security: Cybersecurity, hacking and viruses will remain a concern for customers, says the report.

Netizen Journalists: Consumers share more information than ever and believe it increases their influence on society, says Ericsson. People surveyed also believed that in cases of corruption posting about the problem online has a greater impact than going to the police.

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