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Clubhouse: How to turn on and use the new Music Mode feature

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Clubhouse Music Mode feature and how you can use it.

clubhouse, clubhouse app,Here's how to use the Clubhouse Music Mode feature. (Express Photo)

Clubhouse is growing quickly with a version of the app now also available for Android phones. As more people try out the live-audio app and live performances continue to be troublesome in the pandemic times, we have also begun seeing new use-cases like musicians and artists taking to audio platforms to host live shows.

It is here where the new Clubhouse Music Mode really comes in handy. The feature enables the app to broadcast music with “high quality and great stereo sound”, as the company suggested in a blog post. While users already had a low, medium and high quality setting, the new Music Mode will be even more helpful if you’re listening to live music.

While Clubhouse doesn’t detail what exact level of quality you can expect using the feature, it does touch on support for professional audio equipment like external USB microphones and mixing boards in its post.

How to enable and use Music Mode in Clubhouse?

To enable the new feature, users can open Clubhouse and once they are in a room, they can navigate to the options by tapping on the three-dot menu on the top-right. Look for the ‘Audio Quality’ option here and subsequently, Choose ‘Music’ amongst the various options.

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How to enable Clubhouse’s Music Mode. (Image Source: Clubhouse)

The stereo support is also extended to Clips. So, users sharing snippets from various performers using Music Mode will also sound great, claims the app.

Music Mode will first roll out to Apple’s iOS-based devices in a future update and will soon after, come to Android phones as well. Keep an eye out for an update for the app on your phone if you’re waiting for the feature.

First published on: 17-10-2021 at 11:05 IST
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