Apple iOS 9.3 quick review: Yes, Night Shift can help you sleep better

Apple iOS 9.3 update brings the Night Shift mode makes the screen warm, with whites becoming more yellow than blue helping users sleep better.

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | Updated: March 29, 2016 8:56:04 am
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How will you react if I told you the new iOS 9.3 update will help you sleep better? Well, it does and that’s thanks to what Apple calls the ‘Night Shift’ mode.

The Night Shift mode makes the screen warm, with whites becoming more yellow than blue, and reducing its effects on your eyes and brains. I’m sure a lot of us have had issues after peering into a smartphone screen for a long time just before going to — or should I say trying to go to — sleep. You could have even seen a ghost image of the screen, even after you closed your eyes.

So, Night Shifts literally shifts to a warmer screen tone from the regular blueish display when the OS understands that it is night. And this happens automatically based on geo-location and time on the device, and you need not activate it. Also, it comes as the default option in the new OS version.

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I have tried it for the past week and it is certainly better than before. However, it is not new and I have used at least one Android phone — the Asus Zenfone — which had this feature over a year back, though not automatic. Some might, however, think the screen is a bit too warm for their liking.

The other interesting feature is the option to lock Notes. Not a big deal for me, as what I write on notes is usually published for everyone to read within a day or two. But I am sure there are a lot of compulsive note takers who will love the added privacy on their scribbles. The best thing here is that you can even use TouchID to secure the notes.

Another, feature that I will personally use a lot is the option to save a still photo from an original Live photo. This comes when you click the share icon on a Live photo, and select the Duplicate option. I love Live photos and this added feature just makes life easier when you have to share a still image and not the heavier Live image.

More iOS 9.3 features and hacks in the coming days. 

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