NASA Pluto flyby: Obama to Stephen Hawking, reactions to New Horizons’ success

NASA Pluto flyby: Obama to Stephen Hawking, reactions to New Horizons’ success

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft's successful flyby of Pluto on Tuesday has seen jubilant reactions all over

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NASA image of Pluto, seen from the New Horizons spacecraft. (Source: AP)

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft’s successful flyby of  Pluto on Tuesday has seen jubilant reactions all over.  Confirmation of mission success came 13 hours after the actual flyby.

On Tuesday night, New Horizons phoned home thus confirming that the spacecraft had indeed buzzed past the small, icy, faraway dwarf planet. Stephen Hawking, Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton, everyone has been congratulating NASA on the successful mission which took nearly 9 years and 3 billion miles to succeed.

Below is a list of reactions to NASA and New Horizons’ success:

Stephen Hawking (App users click here for tweet and video message)


Scientist Stephen Hawking said in a video message, “I would like to congratulate the New Horizons team on their pioneering decade long mission to explore the Pluto system and the Kuiper belt. Billions of miles from Earth, this little robotic spacecraft will show us the cold, icy world of Pluto which is on the edge of our solar system.”

See his full video message below 

Barack Obama (App users click here for tweet )

President Barack Obama also tweeted from the POTUS account saying, ” Pluto just had its first visitor! Thanks @NASA it’s a great day for discovery and American leadership.”

Hillary Clinton (App users click here for tweet)

Democrat Presidential candidate and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also tweeted on the Pluto Flyby, saying, “@NASANewHorizons traveled 3 billion miles in nine years to forge a new frontier. Let’s always keep exploring.”

Richard Dawkins (App users click here for tweet)

Scientist Richard Dawkins said on Twitter that it was “delightful to see the joy in the faces of the men and women responsible for NASA’s spectacular Pluto feat.”

Richard Branson (App users click here)

Virgin Atlantic’s founder Richard Branson tweeted saying, “9.5-year journey to a tiny keyhole in space, 3 bn miles from Earth. Love following.”

Astronaut Tim Peake (App users click here for tweet)

Astronaut Tim Peak tweeted out saying, “You made it!! Congratulations @NASANewHorizons on an incredible #PlutoFlyby – & thank you for the wonderful images.”

Even Twitter had a reaction to the whole Pluto flyby saying it was over the moon on the #PlutoFlyby.

And finally the Mars Curiosity Rover by NASA and Philae Lander by the European Space Agency lander which landed on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko also tweeted about the success of the #PlutoFlyby. Check out their tweets below.

Philae Lander (App users click here for tweet)

Curiosity Rover (App users click here for tweet)

Watch our video on NASA’s successful flyby below: