Project Sidekick: NASA shows the real use of Microsoft HoloLens

Project Sidekick: NASA shows the real use of Microsoft HoloLens

NASA's Jeff Morris shows a glimpse into all the possibilities of augmented reality use in spacecraft design

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NASA has been using Microsoft Hololens for its project sidekick and has now revealed first real use video. A file picture of Microsoft executives with Hololens

NASA has been one of the key partners for Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, HoloLens. So much so, that Microsoft decided to put two of those headsets in space for NASA’s Sidekick Project.

Watch: Jeff Morris keynote at Vision Summit 2016

Now, NASA has shown what it has been doing all this time with Microsoft’s augmented reality headset. NASA’s Jeff Morris who leads Jet Propulsion Labs gave an early glimpse at the Project Sidekick during Vision Summit 2016.

Jeff Morris spoke about the potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality to experience real places, without being there in person. NASA is using the mixed reality technology to allow scientists to explore Martian surface right from their workplace.

The video demonstration at Vision Summit 2016 shows two spacecraft designers imagining a CAD model of a spacecraft design which they can easily scale around or discuss a specific point of interest. Morris also spoke about use of the same technology to imagine assembly process of spacecraft and address constraints first hand.

Jeff Morris says use of augmented reality or mixed reality will help reduce risk, and cost of a launch. He believes Virtual Reality won’t be as real as being there but can be better than being there.