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Indian Space Association Launch: ‘Moving to Space Age, India cannot be left behind,’ says PM Modi

PM Modi to Launch Indian Space Association Live News: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Indian Space Association (ISpA), which is an industry body focused on space policy and growth in the country.

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New Delhi | Updated: October 11, 2021 2:32:02 pm
Indian Space Association Launch Today Live Update,PM Narendra Modi LivePrime Minister Narendra Modi will speak at the launch of the Indian Space Association. (File photo ANI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Indian Space Association (ISpA). At the virtual launch event, PM Modi said that the government can no longer act as a handler for the Space sector, but rather has to work as an enabler. He said that the government’s policies will help ensure innovation in the private space sector. ISRO’s facilities will also be opened up to the private sector, he said during his address.

ISpA is a private industry body to help boost space technology in India. ISpA’s founding members include OneWeb, Bharti Airtel, Mapmyindia, Walchandnagar Industries, and Ananth Technology Limited among others. ISpA will participate and work with ISRO and others on the issue of policy around space technology and domain. It will focus on capacity building and space economic hubs and incubators in India.

Follow the live updates below.

Live Blog

Launch of Indian Space Association (ISpA) in India: PM Modi launches new industry body for the Indian Space industry.

12:04 (IST)11 Oct 2021
PM Modi on space reforms

India seeing reforms on such a wide scale because its vision is clear, which is about having 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat': PM Modi said during the address, which is now over. 

11:54 (IST)11 Oct 2021
PM Modi talks about the need for women in Space sector

PM Modi says that women's participation in the space sector should be encouraged. He also references the photo of ISRO's women engineers who celebrated the success of India's Mars mission and says we can never forget that photo. 

11:53 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Space sector needs an open platform approach

PM Modi says the space needs an open platform approach as well. Startups and private enterprises need to find new avenues in the Space sector, he stresses. 

11:52 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Space age is here, says PM Modi

PM Modi says the world is moving away from the Information Technology age to the Space age and that India cannot be left behind. 

11:50 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Space technology can play an important role

PM Modi says space technology can play an important role in the welfare of the nation. India has end-to-end space technology from launch vehicles to satellites, etc, he points out.  

11:46 (IST)11 Oct 2021
In-SPACE will help boost private sector

PM Modi says In-Space will help boost the private space sector. He says the space sector for India will mean better forecast for farmers, for fishermen, a better watch of our ecology, and better forecasting of natural disasters. "The country's vision is clear: Atmanirbhar Bharat. It is a well-thought, integrated economic strategy," PM Modi says. 

11:43 (IST)11 Oct 2021
PM Modi: We are a decisive govt

We are a decisive govt. We have taken big reforms for the space sector in India, says PM Modi.

"Our approach for space reforms is based on these pillars. The first is to give full freedom to innovate to the private sector. Second, the government sector will work as an enabler. The third is getting the youth ready for the future. We have new thinking around space sector. No time for linear innovation. Time for exponential innovation. Govt will have to be enabler, not handler in space sector," says PM Modi.  

11:38 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Skyroot Aerospace

This startup has signed an MOU with ISRO to help with facility sharing. The company wants to compete globally with other players in the space launch market. The startup has been setup by former engineers of the rocket design centre of ISRO. 

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11:33 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Srinath Ravichandran: Agnikul Cosmos

"We have signed an MoU to test our stage launch vehicles with ISROs. Our engineers are developing new technology thanks to the InSpace initiative of the government," he says. 

11:32 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Rohan Verma of MapMyIndia

MapMyIndia is also part of the Indian Space Association. MapMyIndia has already partnered with ISRO and will use the latter's satellites to help add more information on its own maps. "We are bringing on 4D mapping technology to make detailed maps of India," Verma says. 

11:28 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Neha Satak of Astrome Technologies

Astrome technologies want to make space-based broadband cheaper and available in rural areas. They will also use mm-Wave technology to boost connectivity in parts of India .

11:26 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Awais Ahmed CEO of Pixxel

Pixxel plans to launch an imaging satellite using ISRO's rocket later this year. Pixxel plans to put a number of satellites into space. The startup wants to build a constellation of hyperspectral earth imaging satellites and will then use analytical tools to mine insights from that data. The startup is around 2 years old. 

11:20 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Chirag Doshi from Walchandnagar Industries

Walchanagar industries has been a partner and supplier to ISRO since the 1960s. "The development of a new space communications policy, and most importantly allowing the use of government facilities for startups will help boost the space industry. My request is to work jointly with Dept of Space, Ministry of Finance, with PM's office, to get access to cost-effective capital and subsidies for manufacturing. It will require many of us to invest in order to boost space manufacturing in India," he says. 

Also calls for more engagement between industry, government and academics to develop intellectual property going forward. 

11:15 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Nelco from Tata Group

'Our industry has come a long way. The progress has been very, very high in the last five years. We believe that as a sector we can become a global force,' PJ Nath, Nelco (Tata Group). The whole world is looking for a new space policy and it can help us with future planning as well, he says. Nelco looks at satellite communications. 


11:13 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Airtel's One Web

Sunil Mittal now talking about Airtel's One Web. He explains how the US, Russia are pouring billions of dollars into the space industry. "The entire direction of this industry is changing, and if we do not adopt this, then our country could have been left behind," he explains. He also gives thanks to the Prime Minister for taking timely action on the issue. 

One Web will rely on ISRO's PSLV's Mark III to put their satellites into the constellation. One Web plans to beam internet down to the Earth, just like SpaceX's Starlink is planning to do. One Web will put 36 more satellites into space in the coming week. 

The idea is to bring broadband connectivity from space. "We request you to ensure that the approval process should move at a fast pace," Mittal adds. The next three-four years are very critical for this industry. He requests the PM to keep a personal interest in this industry. 

11:07 (IST)11 Oct 2021
PM Modi had asked for a association back in December 2020 `

It is good to see that the industry body has been created so quickly, he says. 

11:07 (IST)11 Oct 2021
PM Modi's address begins on launch of Indian Space Association

Today marks a new flight for Indian Space. For 75 years, Indian Space was controlled by the Indian government and organisations. Indian scientists have reached new milestones. But the need of the hour is that the space sector should be made open for all talents, be it the private sector or the government sector. Indian Space Association will help take the space industry forward in India, says PM Modi. 

10:56 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Ashwini Vaishnaw: Space and telecom are organically connected

Ashwini Vaishnaw: Space tech can help us reach areas which are conventional methods are not possible. It is a complex subject. I request the industry to study global examples and come up with recommendations that will help us formulate policy in that direction. Indian Railways is also a big consumer of space technology. I request to industry to have a detailed study with our railway officers on what are the best applications we can adopt to make railways more efficient. 

10:54 (IST)11 Oct 2021
MeiTY minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on stage

'PM's vision of opening up space sector is being organised. New opportunities will open up for the industry, for research, for startups, and for other govt organisations. ISpA will help to evolve the space sector in India. This organisation will help us to harness talent to solve some of the most  challenging problems we are facing today," he says. 

10:52 (IST)11 Oct 2021
Establishment of ISPA a welcome step

The establishment of Indian Space Association is a welcome step, says Ajit Doval. 

ISpA is a new organisation to help boost space technology and innovation in India. Our live blog above will follow updates from the launch event where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present as well.

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