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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 (PS5) DualSense controller: What changes this time around?

Here's what we think about the new Sony PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller that was just revealed. Is it better than the PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller?

Sony, Sony PlayStation 5, Sony PlayStation 5 controller, PlayStation 5, Sony PS5, Sony PS5 controller, How doe the Sony PlayStation 5 controller look like Sony has officially revealed its PlayStation 5 (PS5) DualSense controller, which packs a new design. (Image credit: Sony)

Sony has finally given the world a glimpse at its upcoming PlayStation 5 (PS5) by revealing the DualSense wireless controller for its next-gen console. The upcoming PS5’s DualSense controller relies on a new technology that takes advantage of haptic motors, rather than rumble motors.

Sony says using these haptic sensors and motors will provide a much realistic touch and feel to the user when they are gaming.For example, you would feel the tension when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow thanks to the advanced haptic feedback on the controller. In a detailed article, Wired has explained exactly how this haptic feedback gets translated when one is playing different kinds of games on the PS5 and it appears to result in very immersive experiences.

In my opinion, if one were to go by the specifications battle, the Xbox Series X looks set to outperform the Sony PlayStation 5. What might work in PlayStation 5’s favour is that Sony is putting its focus mainly on the experience, at least as the new controller indicates.

The new design certainly has the world divided. I’m not a fan of the design, especially when compared to the PS4 controller. I would have preferred if they had taken the route of just perfecting the DualShock 4. The White and Black mix of colours does not look appealing to me.

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But what I liked was the integration of the LED light that takes up more than half of the front panel and looks gorgeous. This is also the first controller from Sony to feature a USB Type-C port, which for some of us might reduce the number of different cables that we keep.

Sony’s PS5 controller comes with an in-built rechargeable battery. In comparison, the Xbox controller still does not come with a battery pack. I think we should all thank Sony for not removing the battery pack, which has been included since Sony’s original DualShock wireless controller.

Sony, Sony PlayStation 5, Sony PlayStation 5 controller, PlayStation 5, Sony PS5, Sony PS5 controller, How doe the Sony PlayStation 5 controller look like The Sony PS5 controller comes with an in-built battery.

Due to the extensive motors and sensors, the controller certainly looks thicker. Microsoft tried to avoid this thickness issue by offering gamers analogue sticks in their controller. However, the PS5 controller continues with the bottom dual-stick layout, just like the earlier variants. I still like the feel of the Xbox One controller much more than the PS4 controller as it just feels more ergonomic due to the offset sticks.


While looking at the controller, it just gives me a more futuristic vibe hinting at what the PS5 might hold under its design belt. Perhaps, the design might end up resembling the renders which were revealed by LetsGoDigital. Sony has also removed the share button and replaced it with a create button on the PS5 controller, though the function likely remains the same which is to let players upload their clips or broadcast their game live.

For players who play online multiplayer games, the PS5 controller does bring a life saver feature with the addition of a microphone array. This means players will not be dependent on their headphones at all times, especially when they want to reply quickly to other players during a session.

A lot of the features that the PS5 Dual Sense controller comes with appear to be well thought, and might help the PS5 pull ahead of the Xbox Series X. Despite my mixed feelings over the design, I have to say that the PS5 is looking a lot more promising after the reveal of this controller.

First published on: 09-04-2020 at 06:16:05 pm
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