Google I/O 2017: Machine learning might have finally learnt enough

Google I/O 2017: Machine learning might have finally learnt enough

Google's machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are now good enough to help pathologists with diagnosis of diseases

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Sundar Pichai at the Google I/O 2017 in Mountain View

Machine learning and artificial intelligence seem to be finally becoming intelligent enough to start making our live better and, more importantly, ensure that our future is even better.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says these two cutting edge technologies are now all set to change science. For non-believers, this means machine learning is already helping pathologist improve diagnosis when it comes to cancer for instance. And it is doing so with the power of neural nets that help dig deeper to get more accurate results. It is even helping improve accuracy of DNA matching.

But where machine learning and artificial intelligence is helping average users is by making Google Search more assistive. With millions of users now using voice search and getting their Google Assistant to search for them, the system can now understand conversational queries and no longer needs keyword-driven search terms.


Actions for Google will soon help scores of companies makes transactions conversations and much more seamless. You will be able to chat with a vendor, get what you want and pay for it without doing any of the traditional input or payment methods you would.

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Then artificial intelligence is even trying its best to add some fun in our lives. The new Auto Draw feature from Google will be able to help you finish a drawing or doodle by suggesting what you might be trying to draw, like spelling suggestion, in real time.

Even with Google Photos, machine learning will come to the aid to figure out which are the images you might want to share with others, or with your family. Even photo books will now be made with machine learning, without you have to spend long hours tuning the pages.

And then there is Google Lens which will be able to click a photo of a phone number and just dial it without you having to type it out. It can convert what it is seeing into actionable data.

And Google has just announced that the Google Assistant will now be available on iPhones too. Talk about Google becoming more intelligent.