Monday, Dec 05, 2022

Facebook’s data leaks fiasco reveals benefits of Apple’s walled garden

Facebook Cambridge Analytica data row: The importance of privacy in a world moving to the cloud is growing and perhaps Apple's approach on the subject has been one of the best.

Facebook, Facebook privacy, Facebook Cambridge Analytica, Facebook data leaks, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs on Privacy, Apple privacy Facebook data leaks: Apple has always had this reputation for being almost paranoid about security. (Source: Reuters)

“Open to all” ain’t always the best option

A video of Steve Jobs speaking to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the D8 conference in 2010 has gone viral ever since the brouhaha over Cambridge Analytica and Facebook broke out (you can see it below). Asked about the importance of privacy in a world going increasingly on the cloud (this was 2010, remember), and given the problems being faced by Google and (well!) Facebook in this regard, Jobs vehemently stresses Apple is very serious about privacy, and then goes ahead and defines what he means by user privacy:

“Privacy means people know what they are signing up for in plain English, and repeatedly. That’s what it means. I am an optimist and I believe that people are smart and that some people want to share more data than other people do. Ask them. Ask them every time. Make them tell you to stop asking them if they get tired of you asking them. Let them know precisely what you are gonna do with their data!”

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