Surface Phone: Microsoft confirms it is working on breakthrough Windows mobile

Surface Phone: Microsoft confirms it is working on breakthrough Windows mobile

Microsoft CMO hints at development of breakthrough Surface Phone running Windows 10 mobile

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Microsoft’s Chris Capossela hints at development of Surface branded Windows 10 handset but customers will have to be patient

Microsoft CMO Chris Capossella has confirmed development of the Surface handset from the company. At a podcast interview, Capossela spoke about Surface branded handset.

During the interview, Capossela hinted at the development of Surface branded phone, and he calls it ‘a breakthrough device’ for Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem. He also called it the equivalent of the Windows Surface tablet, which could be a hint at more Continuum features.

Microsoft has been struggling in the mobile space since the launch Windows Phone 7. The addition of basic features have been slow and app developers have never been forthcoming about the OS. Till now, Instagram Beta on Windows Phone doesn’t even show verified profiles.

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While Capossela has confirmed the development, the device doesn’t seem to be coming out anytime soon. Surface Phone has been leaked before too with Evan Blass revealing the slow development of mystery device earlier.

Microsoft recently announced the launch of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in India at a price that were in line with the pricing of Google’s flagship Nexus 6P. With Surface business turning profitable, it makes more sense than ever before for Redmond to launch Surface-branded Windows 10 mobile device.