Here’s how to enable Gmail’s Smart Compose on other Android phones

Here’s how to enable Gmail’s Smart Compose on other Android phones

Gmail app's Smart Compose which is exclusive to Pixel 3 can be enabled on other Android devices as well, reports XDA Developers

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Gmail Smart Compose feature can be enabled on other Android devices, explains XDA Developers

Google introduced Smart Compose, a Gmail feature in May this year. While the feature was available for desktop version back then, Google rolled the Smart Compose feature to its latest flagship smartphone, Pixel 3 this month. While the feature is currently exclusive for the new Pixel smartphone, XDA Developers, however, managed to test on two other Android smartphones.

As per the XDA Developers report, users can enable the feature on any ‘rooted’ Android phone. XDA Developers managed to get the Smart Compose feature on Pixel 2 XL and OnePlus 6. They have also explained how to enable it on a rooted Android device.

According to XDA Developers, a user will first have to download MiXplorer, a root-enabled file browser app. The app once downloaded, the user will have to open it and go to ‘root’ directory. Following this, the user will have to open sidebar that they will find on the left side in the app and select “root” under ‘internal storage.’

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The app will then ask for root access permission. XDA Developers says after granting permission user will need to navigate ‘/data/data/’ and open ‘FlagPrefs.xml.’ After this, search for ‘boolean value’ “smart_compose_param” and set the value as ‘true.’ The file will then have to be saved before exiting the app.

A user will have to force close the Gmail app by heading to the App Info page and select ‘Force Close.’ Further, the report says that a popup will appear showing how to use Smart Compose feature once the Gmail app is opened. While one can try out the feature on their Android device following the above-mentioned process, users should keep in mind that rooting is not ideal when it comes to a phone’s security.

Smart Compose feature is basically an ‘extension’ of Gmail’s Smart Reply. It suggests sentences within the body of an email while writing. The feature operates in the background and shows phrases while typing a sentence in the body of an email. Besides showing grammar and spelling error, Smart Compose recognises context as well.