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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note7 difficult to repair, rules iFixit

Samsung Galaxy Note7 gets a four out of ten and is quite difficult to repair, according to iFixit

By: Tech Desk | Published: August 19, 2016 2:33:24 pm
 Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note7, Galaxy Note7 iFixit score, iFixit Note 7, Galaxy Note7 price, Galaxy Note7 specs, Galaxy Note7 iFixit India, Galaxy Note7 price Samsung Galaxy Note7 is difficult to repair, rules iFixit. (Source: AP)

Samsung Galaxy Note7 gets a four out of ten and is quite difficult to repair, according to iFixit, which is known for doing teardowns of the latest flagship products. Previously the Samsung Galaxy S7 had scored a lowly three in iFixit test, where 10 stands for easiest to repair.

According iFixit, some of the components can be replaced independently, and the “charging port board can be removed without a need to disassemble the display”, but there other other issues which make repair difficult.

The iFixit report says while “battery can be removed without first ousting the motherboard, but tough adhesive and a glued-on rear panel make replacement very difficult.” Also the glass means the front and back panels can crack easily and make fixing the phone harder.

And for those who are not careful with the display, there’s more bad news. If you drop the phone and shatter the front glass, it can’t be fixed without “destroying the display,” says iFixit, which means a user has to be extra careful using this device.

Still with a score of four, the Galaxy Note7 does marginally better than the S7 series which got a lowly three out of 10 on repairs, says iFixit. The problems seen in the S7 continue with the Note7 as well. For instance the glued-on rear panel, which makes replacement more difficult is part of both phones. Also iFixit had noted in case of the S7, if the USB-port needed replacement, the entire display will have to be removed.

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In case of the iPhone 6s, it got a fairly high seven out of 10 when it came to repairs. iFixit noted the display assembly continues to be the first component which can be taken out making screen repairs easier. Also the battery can be accessed easily on iPhone 6s. Interestingly iFixit’s teardowns revealed the iPhone 6s is more water-resistant than Cupertino had advertised.

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