Galaxy Note 7: Samsung starts pushing battery update in Australia

Samsung Galaxy Note 7's battery update which limits charging to 60 per cent arrives in Australia tomorrow

By: Tech Desk | Updated: September 20, 2016 7:32:26 pm
Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 7 battery issue, Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery problem, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery update, Galaxy Note 7 software update, smartphones, Android, tech news, technology Samsung has officially confirmed 92 reports of Galaxy Note 7’s battery catching fire while charging (Source: AP)

Samsung is in the middle of recalling 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices globally and replacing them with new units. However, a large number of users are still holding on to their Galaxy Note 7s, unwilling to replace them.

Samsung had recently announced that it will issue an update that will limit the battery of all Galaxy Note 7s sold worldwide to 60 per cent recharge cycle. Samsung had claimed the update will limit battery charge to 60 per cent thus preventing phones from overheating. Now, the company is pushing that update to Galaxy Note 7 users in Australia.

According to Mashable, the update will be available on Wednesday and will delivered via OTA update. Samsung is really struggling with convincing users to return the Galaxy Note 7 devices they have purchased. Samsung was even criticised by Consumer Reports for not following a proper method for official recall.

Mashable reports that Samsung is not just limiting the battery charge but also alerting users to turn off their device and return it to the store. And Samsung is planning to keep pushing the alert everytime the device is turned on or kept for charging. Sure, a lot of users will find it annoying just like Microsoft’s forceful Windows 10 upgrade message but Samsung’s motive is for the good of consumers.

Samsung, which has lost significant market share in the smartphone space after this Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, is trying hard to salvage its brand. Samsung has also confirmed that all Galaxy Note 7 devices with new batteries will have a green indicator instead of grey.

Samsung has issued a statement that Galaxy Note 7 users in US will get replacement starting from September 21 while South Korean consumers will get replacement from September 28.

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