Samsung ‘Artistic Live Focus’ trademark spotted; feature expected on Galaxy S10

Samsung ‘Artistic Live Focus’ trademark spotted; feature expected on Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 could be launched with a recently trademarked camera mode, aimed at replacing the Live Focus mode.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to launch on February 20, before the Mobile World Congress 2019. (Image Source: PhoneArena)

Samsung could be considering a new camera mode for the upcoming Galaxy S10 series, as spotted by GalaxyClub. The new feature, according to its trademark listing, is called ‘Artistic Live Focus’, and is expected to replace the existing ‘Live Focus’ feature.

The South Korean company is slated to offer at least two rear cameras for Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, expected to launch in February.

The Artistic Live Focus trademark was spotted on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website, with its description featuring the words “Computer software for creating digital animation and special effects of images.”

While the ‘digital animation’ aspect of the feature remains unknown, the special effects could hint at modifying the object focus in an image. This could mean that Artistic Live Focus could help keep the foreground in focus, while the background could be blurred, while possibly offering more user modification tools.


Recent rumours have strongly hinted that Galaxy S10 Lite, the base model of the flagship series, would feature a single camera at the front, while offering a horizontally aligned dual rear camera setup.

Meanwhile, both Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are expected to have dual front cameras and triple rear cameras. While it appears as if the new ‘Live Focus’ trademark would only consider the rear camera lenses, Samsung could also offer the setting for the higher-end flagship models as well.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 will see the Infinity-O displays, that will be AMOLED displays with 2K+ screen resolutions, with camera holes on the top right corner. While Galaxy S10 Lite is expected to come with a circular hole, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will feature pill shaped holes to accommodate both front cameras.

Recently, the dimensions of both phones were leaked online. While Galaxy S10 is expected to feature a 6.1-inch display with length 148.9mm and breadth 70.9mm, Galaxy S10+ could sport a 6/4-inch display of length 157.7mm and breadth 75mm.