Reliance Jio speeds are down, company says comparisons biased

Reliance Jio 4G speeds are down, and the company is now speaking on how the speed tests are biased

By: Tech Desk | Published: October 21, 2016 1:29:41 pm
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In response to recent reports of Reliance Jio speeds taking a fall after the official launch of Jio 4G services on September 5, the telecom operators’ spokesperson has expressed that the results of speed tests on the network are skewed. An Ookla team (creators of the Speedtest app) report has recently highlighted how the average speeds of the network have been declining for users.

According to Ookla’s report, speeds for 4G phones decreased from 11.31 Mbps to 8.77 Mbps over September – no where close to Reliance Jio’s claims of 135Mbps average speeds across the board. Our own JioFi device has been giving us download speeds that are all over the place, with some downloads taking forever; while others completing in a jiffy.

Here is the statement issued by Reliance Jio’s spokesperson:

“There is a daily fair usage policy (FUP) limit of 4GB data consumption per user. This limit has been setup with the express intention of preventing heavy data users from degrading the experience of other users.”

Before this FUP limit is reached, Jio customers enjoy unmatched 4G LTE speeds on the Jio network. However, after the FUP usage limit is reached, speeds are reduced to 256kbps. Full 4G LTE speeds are once again restored once the next 24-hour period begins.

Historically, we have observed that a disproportionate number of speed tests are performed once the FUP comes into effect. This is so since most users don’t consider performing the test until they observe a deterioration of speed. Such users also tend to perform multiple tests until full speeds are restored.”

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In this statement Reliance Jio is trying to say that users usually end up doing speed tests on the network after they have reached their daily FUP limit, which gives a result that is below the actual speeds the network provides before the FUP limit is reached. However, this is not really the case; as our own tests have shown that the speeds on the Jio network are actually much lower than what they were before.


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