Reliance Jio and Lyf phone at Rs 199? Nope, it’s a scam

Reliance Jio and Lyf phone at Rs 199? Nope, it’s a scam

Reliance Jio and Lyf phone at Rs 199? A message being shared on WhatsApp promises users the SIM and phone.

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Reliance Jio 4G SIM and a LYF smartphone at Rs 199 only? Nope this is a straight up scam.

Reliance’s Jio 4G offer of three months free 4G data and voice-calling in India has generated a lot of interest. But it also means the scams have started doing the rounds. The one regarding Reliance Jio and Lyf at only Rs 199 is being shared on WhatsApp, the place where scams and misinformation tend to go viral very quickly in India. The offer being made: Get a Reliance Jio SIM and a Lyf branded smartphone at Rs 199. Now the company has not made any such official announcements, and it’s safe to assume contests like these will not be announced on WhatsApp.

The message, which comes in Hindi, says the following, “Blockbuster sale on Lyf phone: At only Rs 199, get a 4G Lyf smartphone along with 4G unlimited internet, free calling for complete three months.” A website link is provided as well, which is “” This is not the official Reliance Lyf or Jio website, and our suggestion would be not to open this link inside your smartphone or personal computer. The scam also promises cash on delivery for the ‘lucky winners.’

But curiosity did get the better of us, and we opened the link on a desktop browser. We are asked to enter a contest and submit our name, mobile number and choose a smartphone colour (Black or White).The next step asks users to share this message with 8 WhatsApp groups, and we just kept hitting Share on WhatsApp and for some reason it assumed we had done the WhatsApp sharing.

Eventually this message appears on the screen, “Download Our Partner App, Open App & Click on ACTIVATE NOW& Confirm with your Coupon code. Your Coupon => REJI2180.” Since we’ve not tried this on our phone, we can’t download and check this app, but there’s a good chance it could be a malicious one.


If you look at ICANN’s domain search, it shows the link is registered to an individual in Jaipur, Rajasthan, although it can’t be confirmed whether this is a real person or a fake identity that has been created to run this charade. It says the website was created on August 10.

Our advice to most people: Don’t install such apps, and for those forwarding a message promising Reliance Jio 4G SIM and Lyf Phone at Rs 199, tell them it is scam.

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To recap, Reliance Jio’s SIM is only available with Lyf branded phones which start Rs 2,999 and go all the way to Rs 20,000. Reliance is also selling a JioFi device with the SIM, which can act as your personal WiFi hotspot. Reliance Jio 4G SIM preview offer has also been extended to Samsung and LG and now Panasonic smartphones. All 4G capable phones offered by these brands will be a part of the Reliance Jio offer.

Reliance’s Lyf phones and Jio SIMs are only being sold via the Digital Xpress Mini /Reliance Digital Stores. Only two Lyf phones are listed on Flipkart.

The Reliance Jio 4G offer gives a user free internet, free voice, video-calling and SMS for 90 days. Reliance smartphones also have Jio’s app suite with video, music, magazines on demand, which are bundled with the 4G phones.