OnePlus wants you to design a new feature of OxygenOS: Here’s how

OnePlus wants you to design a new feature of OxygenOS: Here’s how

OnePlus is inviting ideas for features you want to see in the OxygenOS. Here's how you can pitch your idea to be implemented in the new release of the software.

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OnePlus is inviting ideas for new features to be implemented in the OxygenOS from its users. (Image source: OnePlus forums)

OnePlus is inviting users to design their new OxygenOS feature under #PMChallenge, which stands for Product Manager challenge. In a blog post the company said that “best idea” which gets implemented into OxygenOS will win the Product Management Challenge of OnePlus.

The feature winner will be brought to a OnePlus launch event for a VIP experience and receive the device as well. It is not clear if this means the launch of the OnePlus 7 or not.

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How to submit an OxygenOS feature idea

Users willing to submit ideas to OnPlus will need to answer some questions about the feature they want to implement in OxygenOS. The questions are as listed below:

Who are the users?
What is the proposed function?
What is the user value?
If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?


Apart from this, users will also need to explain the logic behind the feature idea and how they want it to be implemented. For this, they will need to draw sketches, which showcases the directions and details of how the feature will function on the phone.

Users will need to draw each screen, showing the flow from screen to screen. OnePlus has provided a link explaining how to draw the post. See the image below for a clear understanding.

oneplus oxygen os idea, oneplus feature idea, oneplus feature diagram
Design principle post explaining how to draw a sketch for your feature idea (Image source: OnePlus forum)

After you are prepared with the answers and diagrams, submit your PRD (product requirement document) in a new thread in Tech section of the OnePlus forums with the hashtag #PMChallenge in the title.

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OnePlus says it will consider pitches on three question. First would be around whether the feature contributes to a burdenless experience, second being how will the different parts of the existing OS interact with this new feature.

The third will be around user experience with this new feature.  The winning feature will be announced by mid-March and OnePlus says that it will start working on the idea right away.