OnePlus Reddit AMA: OnePlus 3 to come only in 6GB RAM version

OnePlus Reddit AMA: OnePlus 3 to come only in 6GB RAM version

OnePlus 3 has a AMOLED display from Samsung, and will only come in 6GB RAM version revealed the company in a Reddit AMA.

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OnePlus 3 has an AMOLED display from Samsung, will only come in 6GB RAM version, revealed the company in a Reddit AMA.

OnePlus 3 has an AMOLED display from Samsung, revealed the company in a Reddit AMA. The AMA saw participation from OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei as well, and the team answered questions around the new OnePlus 3 device and beyond.

Pei also defended the OnePlus 3’s smaller 3000 mAh battery. One user asked: “I didn’t believe the leaks when they mentioned a 3000 mAh battery. Why did you ‘downgrade’ to less mAh (OP1: 3100, OP2: 3300)? For me, quick charging (Dash charging) does not justify it or is not a reason to settle for a smaller battery…

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He responded saying the 3000 mAh battery should last a day easily and “for heavy use Dash Charge comes in pretty handy.”  He also said the “OnePlus 3 is extremely power efficient,” as the 820 chipset is more power efficient, and “Optic AMOLED display,” makes for better battery consumption.


The OnePlus co-founder wrote, “With Dark Mode the 3,000mAh of the OnePlus 3 will last longer than the 3,300mAh from the OnePlus 2. Of course, Dash Charge also helps having to worry even less about running out of juice…” 


The Reddit AMA also confirmed OnePlus 3 will not come in a 4GB RAM version or with higher storage option. OnePlus co-founder said the reason their phone doesn’t have an external microSD slot is due to bad user experience.

Pei wrote, “Bad user experience, slow (vs UFS2.0), makes device bulkier…Of course there will always be edge use cases, but for the majority of our users this is the best UX.” He also confirmed rooting the OnePlus 3 will not void any warranty, and it does come with a On-Screen cover protector already added to the device.

According to the OnePlus team, the box ships with the phone and 1 Screen Protector (pre-applied), 1 Dash Charge Type-C Cable, 1 Dash Charge Adapter, 1 SIM Tray Ejector. And yes, the phone will also support Android Pay.

The Reddit AMA confirmed OnePlus won’t be making another version of the OnePlus X, the 5-inch mid-range smartphone they had launched last year.

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When asked about poor customer service, OnePlus team member Jonathan admitted, the company did not meet user expectations in the beginning as it not expect such a high user demand for its products.

OnePlus says they have been expanding “support team and systems, not just in size but also in geography,” to “offer speedier resolutions.”

“We’ve increased our support staff by about 400% from last year and we’ve started offering more localised support to the European region. In addition, we’re working with the same repair partners of our bigger competitors. All in all, a typical repair case should now only take 6 days,” wrote the team member.

OnePlus also explained why the invite system is gone. A user asked, “Since there’s no invites this time around, does that mean you have a lot of phones in stock?”

The team replied:  “The invite system was great at the beginning, when we didn’t know what the demand for the devices was going to be. As you probably noticed, it took us about a year to get rid of the invites for the OnePlus One, 6-8 months to do so for the OnePlus 2 and less than 3 months for the OnePlus X. After three devices we have learned quite a lot in terms of inventory management, etcetera, so we are confident that for the OnePlus 3 we have done a good job stocking up on devices.”

Someone also asked about the cancelled smartwatch, but Carl Pei said they can’t talk about the device as it was based on “proprietary designs” no longer owned by OnePlus.


OnePlus 3 is available for on Amazon India for Rs 27,999 and comes with 6GB RAM+64GB storage space. It has a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera.