OnePlus 5 prototype image with dual rear camera module leaked online

OnePlus 5 prototype image with dual rear camera module leaked online

A new OnePlus 5 prototype image has been leaked, which shows the dual-rear camera module

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New image of OnePlus 5 has been leaked online, which shows the dual rear camera.

OnePlus 5 is supposed to be the 2017 flagship killer from the Chinese smartphone company, which has focused on launching one flagship a year. Now we’ve seen plenty of leaks and rumours around the upcoming OnePlus 5. The company’s CEO Pete Lau has already promised OnePlus 5 will be a ‘big surprise’.

Android Authority has put out a new image showing the OnePlus 5 with its dual rear camera setup. This image shows a very different looking OnePlus 5, compared to an earlier one that had leaked. It should be remembered Android Authority’s image is one of a prototype of the device, not the actual OnePlus 5. Also the earlier image that leaked was a render.

So far, there’s been some confusion around the dual rear camera setup of the OnePlus 5. Some reports have suggested it will be vertically aligned, others on Weibo claim it will have a horizontal stacked style just like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

The other thing interesting in the Android Authority image is the phone carries a very similar back design like the OnePlus 3 or 3T. It’s hard to tell if OnePlus will go for a bigger display, and whether it will ditch the 5.5-inch screen for a slightly bigger one.


Frankly the only thing this prototype confirms is that OnePlus 5 will have a vertically stacked dual rear camera, and a design similar to the older series.

Going by the other leaks, OnePlus 5 will sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 8GB of RAM. Some rumours initially did suggest it will stick with 6GB RAM, but then nothing is official unless it comes from OnePlus. About the storage options, OnePlus 5 is likely to keep two variants – a 64GB and 128GB built-in flash storage, along with a special 256GB storage version as well.

The 8GB RAM might just be in the special 256GB variants and as the rumour mill suggests, the pricing of this variant can be as high as $650.

OnePlus 5 will launch in the ‘Summer’ as confirmed by the company. Given the previous launch dates, we can expect a June-July timeline for when the phone is revealed.