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Sunday, July 22, 2018

#NokiaStory: 10 Nokia phones India will always remember

Bye-bye Nokia! Here are 10 all-time favourite Nokia phones, we will always remember. #NokiaStory

Written by Debashis Sarkar | New Delhi | Updated: November 11, 2014 7:57:37 pm
India's Favourite Nokia phones Bye-bye Nokia! Here are 10 all-time favourite Nokia phones, we will always remember.

For well over a decade, Nokia was synonymous with the mobile phone across most of the world. We loved our old Nokia phones and for most of us it was the first mobile brand. Nokia phones were popular for its reliability, battery life and of course some of the models were good enough to be projectiles.

People loved the fact that a Nokia phone could easily last for over three years. However, this was not something Nokia might have actually wanted, as it lowered the refresh cycle ultimately hampering sales growth.

This is not the story anymore. With smartphones coming into the picture, there is nothing called a single favourite brand in the country. Also, after Microsoft acquired the brand, it is now officially dropping the Nokia tag.

So on the day Microsoft Device announced its first phone, the Lumia 535, to launch without the Nokia branding, we take a look at the 10 all-time favourite Nokia phones.

Did you own any of these handsets? Or, did we just miss your favourite Nokia phone? Feel free to share your #NokiaStory at the comment section below.

Nokia 1100 Nokia 1100: Launched in 2003, the Nokia 1100 was the world’s best selling handset then.
Nokia 2100 Nokia 2100: This handset introduced white back light in 2003. Remember? Was priced at around Rs 5000 back then.
Nokia 3110 Nokia 3110 Classic: Launched in 2007, this handset had 9 MB of internal storage which could be expanded up to 2GB. Wow! Seriously??
Nokia 3230 Nokia 3230: Launched in 2004. Internet, camera, joystick, large screen, BT, USB port. What are you staring at, huh?
Nokia 3310 Nokia 3310: Launched in 2000. This handset was literally a life saver -with its great battery life and of course as a weapon!
Nokia 6020 Nokia 6020: Launched in 2004, this handset became popular among office goers. How many of you bought it for Rs 7,500?
Nokia 6600 Nokia 6600: Camera, camera, camera! Yes, you could capture videos with this handset. Remember the TV ad?
Nokia 7610 Nokia 7610: The S shape of this handset was considered sexy back then. Launched in 2004.
Nokia 9500 communicator Nokia 9500 communicator: Business class. This handset (or any other Communicator model) was seen in TV serials and movies. Launched in 2004.
Nokia N70 Nokia N70: Launched in 2005, every teenager back then wanted to buy one. It had dual cameras. What??
Nokia ngage Special mention (Number 11) Nokia N-gage: Well, how could you forget this handset? Gaming, dude, mobile gaming!

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