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Friday, July 20, 2018

Motorola Moto G will stay, but get ready for more Lenovo branding

Motorola has tried to deal with reports, which stated that Motorola branding is coming to an end, and said that Moto is not going anywhere.

Written by Shruti Dhapola | Updated: January 13, 2016 4:16:54 pm
Motorola, Moto by Motorola, Moto G end, Moto G series, Moto by Lenovo, Lenovo Moto branding, Lenovo Motorola phones, Lenovo Motorola phones branding, Motorola, technology, technology news Motorola’s Moto branding will soon be Moto by Lenovo and unlike what reports have claimed Moto G will stay on.

Will 2016 be the end of the Motorola name or will the brand continue? That’s the question on everyone’s  mind after CES 2016, where Lenovo and Motrorola gave some very interesting comments. The feedback that everyone took from CES was this: Moto by Motorola is on the way out and Lenovo wants to add more synergy between Motorola and Lenovo brand of smartphones.

Another report from China claimed that Lenovo could get rid of all smartphones with 5-inch or smaller screen sizes, sparking concerns that the Moto G and Moto E were coming to an end.

Now in a new blog post, Motorola has tried to deal with some of these reports, which stated that Motorola branding is coming to an end. What the post confirms is that in 2016, Moto by Lenovo will be the focus.

For starters, the blog post says that “Motorola and Lenovo are aiming to streamline” the “overall product portfolio” and will focus on Moto and Vibe brands. Now this is not drastically different from what we heard in our discussion with Lenovo execs at CES.

Lenovo’s Dillon Ye, the Smartphone Business VP for Asia Pacific, had said in Las Vegas that they were seeking a greater synergy between the two brands of phones and that one could see an intermingling of features between the two.

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“Typically Motorola smartphones are about more premium experience, pure Android with faster upgrades, while Lenovo has offered over all good user experience but at more affordable prices. However, in the coming year, we could see more of a synergy between the two brands and we might add some of the best features from Motorola to Lenovo phones and vice-versa. For instance, the camera app in Lenovo phones which has been liked a lot could feature in Motorola phones too,” Ye had said in an interaction.

Ye, however, did not say anything about a possible end to the Moto G series as other reports have claimed.

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Motorola’s blog post also says that the Moto brand has assumed a much more central role in Lenovo’s smartphone business. From what we gathered at CES, the Motorola research team is playing a more central role at Lenovo in the smartphone division. And this is really not surprising, given how Lenovo has functioned in the past.

Lenovo in its history acquired other established brands especially in PC division, like IBM and ThinkPad and these brand names have continued even today. So it’s unlikely that the Moto name is going anywhere. Motorola’s post confirms this saying the company has made a “strategic decision to focus on ‘Moto'” as the primary brand.

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According to Motorola, Moto is “synonymous with Motorola, and it conveys the Motorola brand to consumers in a contemporary and engaging way.” But this definitely means that the Motorola bit is going away.

From Motorola’s post it appears that the focus will be on marketing “Moto” and “Vibe” brands and that they plan to use “the Lenovo brand to the fullest.”  The company says that the Motorola legacy is important and cherished, but it will work under the Lenovo parent brand.

The Motorola post in a sense ends the confusion. Motorola as we know is likely to disappear in 2016, but Moto brand name will continue.

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