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Monday, July 23, 2018

Microsoft Clip Layer app for Android allows grabbing of snippets from anywhere

Microsoft's new Clip Layer app developed by The Garage is designed to make grabbing of text easier from inside apps

By: Tech Desk | Published: November 30, 2016 1:28:23 pm
 Microsoft Clip Layer, Microsoft the garage, Clip layer app for android, grab text from app, snippet grabbing app, new android app, android copying app, technology, technology news Clip Layer is designed to apply a universal overlay to any screen, making the grabbing of information easier

Microsoft has released a new Android app, called Clip Layer that helps users copy and share content even from apps that do not allow content to be copied. The aim of the software is to help Android users to quickly and easily select ‘a snippet of information’ and be able to copy and share it in an email.

“Nowadays, it’s common to use your smartphone to share articles, photos, directions and much more. While some apps make it easy to do that, others don’t. But with a new app released through the Microsoft Garage called Clip Layer, you can easily snip and share almost anything that appears on an Android screen,” Microsoft said in a blog.

Clip Layer is designed to apply a universal overlay to any screen, making the grabbing of information easier even on apps that block text from being selected. Microsoft says that the new app helps streamline the copying of text, which is otherwise a tedious task.

After a snippet is selected, it can be copied to the clipboard, added to Wunderlist to have it accessible across different devices, email it, or share it to any other app installed on your phone.

“Like a lot of people, my phone is the center of my life,” says Steve Won, a senior designer with Microsoft’s Office team and creator of Clip Layer. “I like to share what I’ve seen and I noticed a couple of problems unique to consuming on a smartphone.”

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The Garage is the outlet for Microsoft teams around the world working on getting experimental projects and apps to bring out to the public. Some such apps include Trip Tracker, News Pro 3.0, Colour Binoculars and Sprightly.

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