Huawei confirms foldable phone, likely to launch in 2019

Huawei confirms foldable phone, likely to launch in 2019

After Samsung, Huawei has also confirmed that the company is developing a futuristic foldable smartphone.

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Huawei CEO claims the company’s foldable smartphone could replace a computer.

Huawei, the world’s second largest smartphone maker, has been long rumoured to be working on a foldable phone. According to a report from the German publication Die Welt, it could finally be coming in 2019.

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer division, has indicated that the company has plans to launch a foldable smartphone next year. “We are already working on it. You will not even have to wait another year,” Yu said in an interview with Welt.

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The Chinese company appears to be bullish on a new type of folding-screen smartphone form factor. In fact, Huawei CEO Richard Yu claims the mobile device could replace your personal computer. The executive explained in the interview that consumers don’t replace their existing laptops with smartphone because phones screens are too small. However, “We [Huawei] will change that.  It is conceivable that a display can be folded out,” according to Yu.

Yu’s comments come at a time when Samsung is planning to tease its long-awaited foldable phone at the company’s annual developer conference in November. The device is rumoured to come with a 7-inch flexible OLED display that can be folded in half, this will be single display instead of two displays that fold together. There will apparently also be a secondary display when the phone is folded in half for alerts and notifications.

Evidently, Samsung plans to target specific markets with its debut foldable phone when it launches in 2019. A broader debut could take place towards the second half of 2019. While specifications and features are unknown, WSJ claims that the phone could be priced upwards of $1500 (Rs 1,08,157 approx.).


Huawei plans to launch its flagship Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro smartphones on October 16 in London. It is unknown whether it will also show a glimpse of a foldable phone at the event.