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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman: New entry-level camera coming soon, will be ideal for India

GoPro will soon launch a entry-level product which founder and CEO Nick Woodman thinks will be very relevant for the Indian market.

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | Las Vegas | Updated: January 13, 2018 6:54:48 pm
GoPro, GoPro CES 2018, CES 2018, GoPro camera, GoPro Fusion, GoPro, GoPro new camera, GoPro price in india GoPro CEO and co-founder Nick Woodman says the company will soon have a new offering, which will be relevant for the Indian market.

GoPro will soon launch an entry-level product which founder and CEO Nick Woodman thinks will be very relevant for the Indian market. “We have an exciting new entry-level product for first half of 2018 which we think is going to be perfect for the Indian market based on the data that we have,” Woodman told in an interview on the sidelines of CES in Las Vegas. He said the product will have the perfect pricing for India.

Woodman said GoPro was looking to triple its business in India in 2018. “The Hero 5 Black is selling well in India and with the latest price reductions we are really excited about the impact it can have on the Indian market,” he said, alluding to the $100 price cut announced for GoPro products. The latest Hero 6 Black has not really flown off the shelves for the company.
Woodman thinks the GoPro is a great product for Indians, given their passion for life.

“For example, take a wedding. Do you want to be standing on the side filming the dancing or do you want to be dancing with a GoPro with the experience and you in the experience? GoPro enables the ultimate selfie,” he said on how his camera might be the ideal add-on for the great Indian wedding.

“The GoPro is more of an activity capture solution, action is a subset of activity. If GoPro was an action camera we would not have been as big as it is. Most of our users are capturing activity and not action. We believe that people buy a solution and not things and GoPro is a solution for helping people capture their more active and passionate experiences,” he said, adding that the smartphone, in contrast, was is a great camera only “for capturing other people doing things”. Indians’ passion for weddings and celebration is a phenomenal opportunity for GoPro to succeed in India, he underlined.

At CES, GoPro has announced its new Fusion 360 camera with the OverCapture software, but Woodman doesn’t’ think an everyday consumer wants a 360-degree camera. “I don’t think it is a 360-camera consumers wants, I think consumers want an incredibly convenient way to capture and share their lives and want that footage to look mind-blowingly beautiful and professional. If it happens to be a 360 camera that enables that, they will buy that.”


He said GoPro’s vision for spherical cameras is that they can be the most convenient, versatile and easy to use cameras in the world as you don’t need to aim them, the video stabilisation is incredible, and the application identifies interesting scenes, pulls them out of the spherical video and edits them into a short story for you. “That type of capability and convenience is where the cameras are going in the future. They will cease to be standalone pieces of hardware and will become hardware and mobile application experiences.”

He was hopeful that consumers, prosumers and professionals all value OverCapture and the ability to create really engaging and creative traditional videos out of 360-content as opposed to being excited about video. “VR is one of the things Fusion can do, but consumers are more excited about fixed perspective video. Fusion is an entirely new type of camera, calling it a 360 camera does not do it justice. It is the most versatile camera ever made. You can use it as a traditional camera, as a stabilised camera, as a spherical camera for VR and an omnidirectional lens that can be used for making traditional video,” he said, calling it the Swiss Army knife of cameras that has never existed before.

GoPro, GoPro CES 2018, CES 2018, GoPro camera, GoPro Fusion, GoPro, GoPro new camera, GoPro price in india GoPro’s new Fusion camera with support for Overcapture. (Image source: Nandagopal Rajan/

Elaborating on his announcement that GoPro was pulling out of the drone segment, he said: “We are not investing in the development of a next-generation GoPro drone. The reason for that is that though it has been a commercial success for us, when you look at the amount of money we need to invest in drone development along with the number of drones we ultimately sell versus the GoPro cameras we sell, it is clear that a majority of our customers don’t want to buy a drone from us. We are investing our time and money in building want our customers want to buy from us.”

Disclaimer: The author is attending CES 2018 at the invite of Intel 

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