Google rolls out AI-powered grammar check tool for Google Docs, G Suite apps

Google rolls out AI-powered grammar check tool for Google Docs, G Suite apps

Google has launched the AI-powered grammar check tool for Google Docs and other G suite apps after hinting towards the feature a year ago.

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Google has rolled out a grammar check tool for its all of its G suite apps and users.
Google has started rolling out its AI-powered grammar check tool within Google Docs and other G Suite apps. The feature was initially limited to a few customers, but it now being made available for all customers, be it Basic, Business, or Enterprise service subscribers.

With the new feature, the G Suite users will start seeing “inline, contextual grammar suggestions in their documents as they type”, in a similar way Google’s spellcheck already functions. Users will see a blue line beneath a grammatically incorrect sentence, according to an official blog post from the company.

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Google has worked with linguists to develop the rules for these machine learning-based translations. While spell check is a straightforward issue, where a user gets “spelt correctly” or “incorrectly” tag, and can look it up in a dictionary or do a simple Google search of the word to check its authenticity, when it comes to checking grammar, this is much complex.

Google says that “affect” versus “effect,” “there” versus “their,” or even more complicated rules like how to use prepositions correctly or the right verb tense, are examples of errors that grammar suggestions can help a user catch.


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The feature would also make Grammarly useless in the Docs and other G Suite services. As of now, the grammar check feature is only available to paying customers of G Suite. Notably, G Suite Basic, G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise cost $5, $10 and $25 per month respectively.