Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Even they don’t know why it was exploding

Samsung engineers have not been able to recreate the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 in their labs as latest as this week

By: Tech Desk | Updated: October 12, 2016 2:32:08 pm
Samsung, Samsung galaxy note 7, samsung reputation, samsung brand, Samsung kills galaxy note 7, demise of galaxy note 7, reason behind note 7 overheating, note 7 heating issue, reasons for note 7 explosions, smartphone, technology, technology news Samsung had received close to 92 reports of the Note 7 batteries overheating

The tale of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has come to an unsavory end. Recently, when the replacement Galaxy Note 7 units reportedly started catching fire as well – Samsung decided to finally pull the plug on the device once and for all. Many industry experts believe that Samsung hurried through the recall and re-introduction of the Note 7 without finding the true reason behind the overheating issues.

According to a New York Times report, Samsung engineers have been unable to recreate a Note 7 exploding in their test labs. The engineers were reportedly on a tight schedule to find the defect and correct it, and in a hurry they concluded that the phones were malfunctioning on devices that were fitted with batteries from one particular factory. The company then decided to resume sales of the phones that were installed with batteries from a different supplier, but that clearly wasn’t the solution either.

The report added that even as recent as this week the company was unable to reproduce an explosion of the Note 7 in their labs. It however does not matter anymore, as Samsung has finally killed off the device on October 11. Samsung had received close to 92 reports of the Note 7 batteries overheating.

“For the benefit of consumers’ safety, we stopped sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7 and have consequently decided to stop production,”said a Samsung spokesperson.

Samsung’s stock has lost as much as $17 billion in terms of market share since replacement Galaxy Note 7s started exploding. The company is now looking at a second recall of the device, which will include the replacement Note 7 devices that they shipped.

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Galaxy Note 7 was launched in August this year, and received a lot of praise by the industry – with many people calling it the best phone in the market at the moment. Samsung initially considered Note 7 suffering with a battery problem but it is yet to zero in on the actual cause of explosion. The industry perceived Galaxy Note 7 issue as a minor setback but it has turned out to become a public relations nightmare for the South Korean giant, and has most certainly created considerable damage to Samsung’s reputation; something that cannot be calculated in money.

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