Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 12GB RAM? Will cost you $1600

Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 12GB RAM? Will cost you $1600

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 series yesterday, and there's a special Ceramic variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10+, which comes with 12GB RAM. But the price? $1599.99.

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ variant with 12GB RAM has a price of 00.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 series yesterday, and there’s a special Ceramic variant as well which comes with 12GB RAM for the Galaxy S10+. The regular variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ starts at $999.99, which is the same price as the iPhone XS. However, Galaxy S10+ also has a 12GB RAM variant, which only comes with 1TB storage. This is also the Ceramic back variant. But the price? $1599.99, according to Samsung’s website.

If you were to convert this price into Indian currency, then it would be Rs 1,13,000 plus, which is slightly more expensive than what the iPhone XS Max’s base 64GB storage variant costs. In fact, the iPhone XS Max with 256GB storage costs Rs 1,24,900 in India, while the highest storage option, which as 512GB storage is priced at Rs 1,44,900.

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In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ ceramic with 12GB RAM and 1TB storage appears to be more affordable. However, the India prices for the Galaxy S10 series are not yet out. It’s not clear if Samsung will bring the 12GB RAM option to India immediately, or whether this will be introduced at later date.

The speculation is that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ prices could start at above Rs 70,000 in India, especially if one goes by the dollar price, though we will have to wait for an official confirmation.


Last year, when Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 series in India, the Plus variant, which had a dual-camera at the back, started at Rs 64,900 for the 64GB model. The 256GB variant of the Galaxy S9+ was priced at Rs 72,900 in India.

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In India, we have not seen Samsung cross the Rs 1,00,000 price mark, which Apple has done with the iPhone X and later the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. With the Galaxy S10+ Ceramic though, the 12GB RAM option might just prove to be the most expensive variant should it launch in India.

Then there’s Samsung Galaxy Fold, aka the foldable phone, which was shown at the event, which is still the most expensive phone from the company. The Galaxy Fold costs $1980, which is Rs 1,40,000 plus, and just shy of the $2000 price mark. 

While Samsung has not announced if the Galaxy Fold will be coming to India or not, rest assured that should it make an appearance, this won’t be cheap for sure.