Apple iPhones in 2020 will ditch Intel’s WiFi, Bluetooth components: Report

Apple iPhones in 2020 will ditch Intel’s WiFi, Bluetooth components: Report

Apple iPhones in 2020 could move away from Intel's mobile parts for communications, claims a new report

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Apple iPhones in 2020 could ditch Intel components for WiFi and Bluetooth, claims a new report. (Image source: Reuters)

Apple iPhones in 2020 could move away from Intel’s mobile parts for communications, claims a new report. The report had earlier said that Apple could give up the 5G modem from Intel for its 2020 iPhones, though this has been denied. This is not the first time we are hearing reports of Apple looking at other chipset suppliers for future iPhones and moving away from Intel.

The latest reports comes from Israeli website CTech by Calcalist, which is citing multiple sources, documents for this. The report says quoting Intel executives that Apple has in fact notified the chipmaker it will not be using a “mobile communication component” developed by the chipset maker in its upcoming iPhones. It appears that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth component will not be used in the future iPhones.

The report also notes that Intel executives saw Apple as the key mobile customer, which would drive volumes for this particular product. However, all that is unlikely to continue, given that Intel’s mobile component will no longer be used in Apple’s iPhones. But when it comes to the 5G modems, the plans appear unchanged.

Intel in a statement to the original report regarding the 5G modems and 2020 iPhones, said, “Intel’s 5G customer engagements and roadmap have not changed for 2018 through 2020. We remain committed to our 5G plans and projects.” So till 2020, Apple is likely to continue with Intel for 5G modems.


Earlier a report in Bloomberg had quoted a research note from Northland analyst Gus Richard, stating that MediaTek could displace Intel for the modem product. Reports from the agency have also said that Apple is developing its own processors for Macs, and could phase out Intel processors by 2020.

Apple, which had initially relied on Qualcomm for radio chips, now has both Intel and Qualcomm as partners. However, the patent battle with Qualcomm means Apple will be looking at other partners in the future.  An earlier report in DigiTimes claimed, Apple iPhones in the future could use LTE chips from MediaTek and Intel. The report claimed Apple has already transferred half of its orders from Qualcomm to Intel. With MediaTek, Apple could be exploring a long-term deal, according to this report.