iPhone X speaker quality issues as users complain of crackling sound: Reports

Apple iPhone X users are now reporting a new problem on the most expensive iPhone ever launched. There's a crackling sound from the earpiece speaker.

By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 14, 2017 11:55:46 am
iPhone X speaker quality volume problem Apple iPhone X users are reporting an issue with the earpiece and a crackling sound problem.

Apple iPhone X users are reporting a new problem on the most expensive iPhone ever launched. There’s a crackling sound from the earpiece speaker and users have posted about this on a Reddit thread. The sound issue joins the list of the problems that include the display not being responsive in really cold weather and a green line of death appearing on some iPhone X displays.

The main post on the Reddit thread by a user dback83 notes the during a call, the iPhone X has a “tinny can sounding, cracking audio..” The post also says there are quality issues with the speaker and the user complains the audio quality is bad even at under 50 per cent volume.”Turn it up to 80-100% and it’s nearly unlistenable,” says the post.

The top comments on the post are also highlighting the same issue. One user posted there is ‘rattling/clipping’ sound during the calls and even when they got the unit replaced, the issue continues to persist. Users are also complaining of speaker distortion at high volumes and some point out there is way too much treble and too little bass.

Users have also posted on MacRumors forum about the problem with the iPhone X’s earpiece speaker. The MacRumors report notes that while the number of users complaining about the issue is limited, it is growing. Apple itself has not acknowledged the crackling sound issue with the iPhone X yet. Some of the comments on Reddit are also pointing out the company could fix this via a software update, though Apple has not issued a statement on this.

Apple iPhone X users who were reporting the ‘green line of death’ on their OLED displays are being offered replacement units, according to reports. Finally, Apple has promised a software update to fix the problem of iPhone X’s display freezing and not responding in very cold temperatures.

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