Apple iPhone battery woes? Shutting all apps in multi-tasking won’t help

Apple iPhone users trying to save on battery life? The 'kill all apps' in multi-tasking menu, doesn't do anything for your battery.

By: Tech Desk | Published: March 13, 2016 2:31:18 pm
Apple, Apple Multi-tasking tab battery, iPhone battery multi-tasking apps, Apple battery life, Apple extend battery life, Extend battery life, iPhone battery life, iPhone battery life poor, technology news Apple iPhone users trying to save on battery life? The ‘kill all apps’ in multi-tasking menu, doesn’t do anything for your battery. (Source: Reuters)

If you’re an Apple user who’s trying to save on battery life, you might have gone to the multi-tasking menu, and shut all the running apps to prolong the same. Except that you probably wasted time for nothing.

Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi confirmed the same, when he replied to an Apple user’s email asking about the issue. 9to5Mac reports, that an Apple user Caleb had written to CEO Tim Cook asking whether the method works. Instead Apple’s Federighi jumped in with a reply.

Apple’s SVP had two replies for Caleb’s questions on closing apps in multi-tasking, and whether it was necessary for better battery life: No and No, followed by a smiley emoticon. 9to5Mac says the email was shared with them, and they have verified the message headers for legitimacy.

So yeah the ‘quit all your apps’ thing doesn’t really work for Apple. As 9to5Mac points out “on a technical level, most of the apps are either frozen in RAM or not running at all, the system just displays them as a history for consistency.

For those looking to save their iPhone’s battery, here are some quick tips:

1) When Apple prompts you that the iPhone battery is below 20 per cent, it’s a wise idea to switch on the Low Power Mode, which puts a stop to mail fetch, Hey Siri, background app refresh, and some visual effects.

2) You can also see in the Battery tab in Settings, which apps are taking up most of your power. The first answer is likely to be Facebook. What you can do is deny Facebook some permissions like Location, etc, when you are not using the app. Go to the privacy tab, and you’ll find the option to turn it off.

3) There’s also the option of turning off Background App Refresh, (this is in the Settings–General tab). It allows apps to update when on mobile networks or Wi-Fi, and you can turn this off to save battery, says Apple. Only problem when you open an app for which background refresh is off, you might not find new content all the time.

Or you can just try and get your hands on official Apple-made Smart Battery case for your iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and above.

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